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Tips for maintaing a clean and healthy home

Mr. Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO, Construction Chemical Division, Pidilite Industries


Amidst the current scenario sanitisation has become a norm and necessity. Upon entering the house or a room the first physical interaction is with the floor. Thus it is extremely crucial to keep the flooring spic and span, as it is highly to prone to dirt and stains.


Given the present situation, it is advisable to maintain basic home hygiene along with the personal hygiene.With all our time spent at home, it is time to spruce up the house, while maintaining the required hygiene. It includes getting rid of superfluous clutter, swabbing the floors, and dusting the furniture. The most important aspect to be looked after is the thorough cleaning of the tiles.


Although flooring is an important aspect, but there are other surfaces in the house that needs to be taken care off. Without the house help at home, here are some tips to maintain a clean and healthy home.


Keep the floor gleaming


  • Some swear by old home remedies like vinegar, mild acid solution or bleaching powder. But these are not really the right products and will most likely end up damaging the finish of the tiles. It is advisable to avoid harsh chemicals on tiles to remove stains or dirt and maintain the shine.The best way to get rid of stains on tiles and keep them gleaming is to use the right cleaning agent.


  • Using something like Roff Cera Clean can help as it has been specially designed to clean the tiles & ceramic wares e.g wash basin. Its pH is well balanced to remove those tough stains of hard water & paint and keep your floor looking fresh and ensure its durability for years to come


Clean act! (Bathroom and Kitchen tiles)


  • Bathrooms and kitchens are by far the most utilitarian and functional rooms in the home. Also, they being the wet areas in the home are most likely to collect grime and mold. Cleaning bathroom and kitchen tiles can be a rather cumbersome and time-consuming affair. The tough stains in these areas can be easily removed using Roff Cera Clean without decolouring the tiles and maintaining its beauty.


Other surfaces


  • Clean the door knobs, switch boards, remote controls etc with a disinfectant


  • The research found that carpets in the bedroom hold double the bacteria found in a living room, and ten times that of a gym floor. Thus thorough cleaning is the need of the hour