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    Litokol (Italy)

    Tile joint fillers significantly impact the beauty of floor and wall tiles. This is also visible in the fast adoption of specialized grouts in different segments like residential, commercial and institutional projects. Specialized grouts not only adds beauty but also has functional benefits like avoiding water seepage, unlevelling of tiles, and tile bends in large slabs.

    To offer our consumers with the next gen tile joint fillers, in 2019, Pidilite entered into a joint venture with Litokol, a leading Specialized grout manufacturer from Italy.

    Litikol s.r.l. was established in 1968 and from 1970s itself the company began to establish relations abroad in its powerful drive for internationalisation. Litokol's mission is to promote, on a global scale, innovative solutions for professionals in the sector of building and design. Litokol has a distribution network that extends throughout Italy and in over 90 countries world-wide.

    The Joint Venture Company (JVC) will invest in a new manufacturing facility in India. Litokol will transfer technology to the JVC and Pidilite will have exclusive distribution of its products. This JVC will provide a comprehensive array of products ranging from epoxy, urethane grout and certain epoxy adhesives for tile application. The joint venture entity will service the key markets of SAARC (excluding Pakistan) and Myanmaar.