Stone Care Range

Stone Care Range

Every stone is unique and requires proper care to make sure that it lasts for a very long time and retains its natural charm.

Using stones in the interior and exterior of any project is a highly valuable investment that requires proper maintenance and care. This is why, TENAX ,Roff’s Stone Care Range caters to the needs of all types of stone installation, making it a preferred choice by architects, and contractors. Whether it is epoxy-based mastics for grouting, bonding, and filling or sealers that protect the stone from damage, our collection has everything you need to keep the stone installation in your project looking as good as new and maintain it for years to come.

Whether it is Marble or Granite, TENAX offers the best solutions to ensure that the beauty of the stone is protected and ensures they have a long life.

Adhesives Tools

Friendly tools to help you select the right product, match shades to your tiles, and estimate the right quantity.


Tenax Anti-Efflorescence

Tenax Anti-Efflorescence

  • Tenax Anti-Efflorescence is a water-based pre-laying back sealer for stones and grouts.
  • Tenax Mastic 3G Coloured (Solid / Liquid)

    Tenax Mastic 3G Coloured (Solid / Liquid)

  • Tenax Mastic is a general mastic that is used for grouting and bonding the joints and gaps between marble, onyx, and many stones.
  • Tenax Thassos - Tropical

    Tenax Thassos - Tropical

  • Tenax Thassos is a clear mastic suitable for grouting and bonding between white marble joints and similar stones such as Thassos and Carrara.
  • Tenax Resina - T8

    Tenax Resina - T8

  • Tenax Resina-T8 is a clear resin liquid that has low viscosity and is used as a marble and stone crack repair filler.
  • Tenax Eliox A+B

    Tenax Eliox A+B

  • Tenax Eliox is an epoxy-based clear mastic for grouting and repairing cracks and gaps between marble, stone, granite, quartz, and ceramics.
  • Tenax Epoxy Coating System

    Tenax Epoxy Coating System

  • Tenax Epoxy Coating System is used to protect, strengthen and finish the stone surfaces.
  • Tenax Ager

    Tenax Ager

  • Tenax Ager is a colour-enhancing sealer that is used to achieve a wet look on stones.
  • Tenax Proseal

    Tenax Proseal

  • Tenax Proseal is a waterproof high-performance sealer that is used on quartz, marble, granite, and composite materials to retain their natural look.
  • Tenax Cera Fluida

    Tenax Cera Fluida

  • Tenax Cera Fluida is a premium liquid wax polish that is applied to various kinds of stones to achieve a glossy effect.