Tiles And Stone Adhesives

Tiles and Stone Adhesives

It takes time and effort to build the house of your dreams. In the process of building a house that stands tall over decades, your choice of adhesive is very crucial.

Roff, from the house of Pidilite, commits to delivering timely solutions and a high-quality range of tile and stone adhesives to our customers. Our range of tile and stone adhesive allows homeowners, architects, and builders to dream and sit back, knowing that their ideas now have the perfect way to be executed. With a diverse range of best-in-class tile and stone adhesives, Roff promises structures that stand the test of time yet are aesthetically pleasing.

At Roff, You can find tile and stone adhesive solutions that are easily applicable, prevents cracks and damages, and imparts strength to the structure. So, you don’t need to worry about any hollow sound on the tiled floor or the cracking up of your expensive tiles anymore. Our extensive range of tile and stone adhesives are applicable to a wide range of applications such as tile on tile application, ceramic, and floor tile applications.

Adhesives Tools

Friendly tools to help you select the right product, match shades to your tiles, and estimate the right quantity.


Roff New Construction Adhesive (NCA)

  • Roff New Construction Tile Adhesive (NCA) is a polymer-modified, grey cement-based tile adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles such as ceramic and new floor tiles.
  • Roff Non-Skid Adhesive (NSA)

  • Roff Non-Skid Adhesive (NSA) is suitable for fixing natural stones, clay, terracotta, and vitrified tiles of regular size on floor and wall.
  • Roff Vitrofix Adhesive

  • Roff Vitrofix Adhesive is perfect for all kinds of ceramic, vitrified and natural stone tiles of all sizes for internal application – floor and wall.
  • Roff Extrofix Adhesive

  • Roff Extrofix Adhesive is primarily used for external cladding all types of tiles, ceramics, marble, and natural stones on external and internal surfaces.
  • Roff Extrofix Ultra Adhesive

  • Roff Extrofix Ultra Adhesive is a high-tensile strength adhesive, suitable for exterior areas that are prone to vibrations.
  • Roff Master Fix Adhesive

  • Roff Master Fix Adhesive is ideal to fix a variety of surfaces such as metal, plywood, cement boards, engineered stones, and drywall.
  • Roff Vertifix

  • Roff Vertifix is a quick-fix adhesive, ideal when you want quick and strong efficient yet long-lasting spot-bonding of tiles and stones.
  • Roff Tile Bonder

  • Roff Tile Bonder is a polymer additive that is added to the traditional system of sand and cement machaan mixture to make an instant adhesive at the site.
  • Roff Vitrofix Ultra Adhesive

  • Roff Vitrofix Ultra Adhesive is a highly polymer-modified adhesive used for tile fixing. This product is one of the best adhesives for ceramic, semi-vitreous, vitrified tiles, and natural stones.