Under Tile Waterproofing

Under Tile Waterproofing

Water leakage can damage the structure of a building and incur heavy repair costs. This is why using under tile waterproofing solution is elemental to keep the construction tall for years to come. Roff, from the house of Pidilite, offers Roff Under Tile Waterproofing range, which is the ultimate solution for protecting the floors and walls from water damage.

Our range of products caters to the unique needs of modern architecture and interior design by offering superior waterproofing protection to keep them intact for years to come. These products are suitable to be used on both new and existing surfaces.

Roff offers two magnificent under-tile waterproofing products that are suitable for domestic as well as commercial use. So, whether you’re a homeowner, a builder, or an architect, our Roff Under Tile Waterproofing category page has everything you need to ensure that tiles installation in your project are protected from water damage.

Adhesives Tools

Friendly tools to help you select the right product, match shades to your tiles, and estimate the right quantity.


Roff Hyguard Ex

Roff Hyguard Ex

  • Roff Hyguard Ex is a polymer-modified water-proof flexible coating for the under-tile area.
  • Roff Bond Repair

    Roff Bond Repair

  • Roff Bond Repair is a SBR-based latex, a multi-purpose product that is used for bonding, waterproofing, and repairing applications on under-tile surfaces.
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