Application Tool

Application Tools

Whether it is a house or a commercial project, the precise application of tiles and stones is very crucial. Roff, from the house of Pidilite, commits to offering a high-quality range of application tools for flawless application of Roff products. Our range of advanced application tools is specially designed to help you achieve professional-grade results in your projects and makes sure that the product sits evenly and uniformly.

Roff Application Tool range has everything you need to make tiles & stones installation process smooth and hassle-free including trowels, spacers, floaters, and cutters. The application tools are tried, tested, and trusted by professionals across the industry. You can browse through our extensive range of Roff Application Tools now and take your project to the next level with Roff!

Adhesives Tools

Friendly tools to help you select the right product, match shades to your tiles, and estimate the right quantity.


Notch Trowel

Notch Trowel

  • Tile adhesive trowel is used for laying tiles by evenly spreading the glue on the application surface.
  • Rubber Mallet

    Rubber Mallet

  • Rubber mallet is the rubber hammer that is used to level the tile and spread the adhesive evenly below the tile across the surface without damaging/cracking the tile.
  • Roff Spacers

    Roff Spacers

  • Roff Spacers are tiny, effective T-shaped spacers that ensure even gaps between the tiles during the fixing process.
  • Roff Grout Cutter

    Roff Grout Cutter

  • A Roff Grout Cutter is a tool that is used to remove dirt or any build-up between the tiles before grouting.
  • Roff Grout Floater

    Roff Grout Floater

  • A Roff Grout Floater is a tool used for grout application between the tiles. It is the easiest way to grout tiles as it is fast, precise, and effective.
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