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Choosing the Right Colour of Tile Joint Filler for Your Rooms

The process of choosing fresh tiles for any kitchen, toilet, or other areas may be a lot of fun. It’s easy to get carried away with tile patterns and the numerous choices. The option of tiles gap filling material on the other hand, is sometimes ignored or undervalued, which shouldn’t be the case for your dream project.

Epoxy filling in tiles has the potential to either upgrade or degrade a design. Opting for epoxy for tiles have several functional advantages in addition to producing a variety of visual effects enhancing aesthetics.

Here are a few of the trending combinations to explore when choosing the perfect grout colour.


1. White Duo

When a white or very pale tiling is combined with white grouting, the distinction between the tiles vanish and the entire area merges seamlessly into one surface. As a result the flooring will have an appearance that isn’t very attention-seeking.​


2. White Tiles with Grey Epoxy​

The form of the tile is shown more vividly as you begin to add a little contrast in the tile and grout, and the grout itself produces a design. Making the grout brighter or paler to create more or less contrast can make the tiles pop even more.​


3. White and Dark​

When you choose black grout, the pattern it generates becomes the focal point of the design rather than the actual tile. This high-contrast tile style works effectively in areas where black and white is the main colour palette.


4. Coloured Tiles Gap Filling Material​

Contemplate using a coloured grout with a bright colour instead of the normal tones if you desire to add vibrance with epoxy filling in tiles. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity go wild and select a wide, vibrant, and bright epoxy for tiles based on your personal preferences.

Different tiles in combination with distinct epoxy tile joint fillers can offer varying visual effects and lend a unique overall ambience to the area. Here are a few of the stunning combinations and the essence they impart to the space.

Tile Colour & Epoxy Tile Joint Filler Visual Effect Produced
White Tile + White Epoxy for Tiles Breezy
White Tile + Grey Epoxy Strong choice with subtle richness
White Tile + Black Epoxy Dominant appeal
Black + Black Epoxy for Tiles Soft look
Colourful Grouts Additional personality
Coloured Tiles + Grey Grouts Seamless colour statement
Coloured Tiles + Light Epoxy Clean and timeless

Thus, it’s important to opt for the combination based on the type of room, its area, and the effect you want to create. Roff’s Tile Joint Filler Visualizer serves as a great assisting tool in the process that may help you choose the best epoxy for tiles based on the desired outcome you want.