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Marble Adhesive Tiles

Variety of stones for flooring


Stone flooring enhances the beauty of interiors by giving a ‘closer to nature’ look and feel for the rooms. It also brings about a premium touch to the inner spaces. Stones are now widely available in India in a fascinating range.


Following are the top 5 by popularity :- 

Best Glue For Marble

1. Marble – Marble undoubtedly tops the list. The beautiful texture, durability and variety make it the most popular choice. Though it is softer than granite, it is sturdy enough to be used for both interior and exterior applications making it quite versatile. Marble has a lighter shade, close to white and beige which are the most popular but it is also available in shades of pink, green, blue, yellow, grey etc. Black is also available in rare varieties.


Fix A Floor Adhesive

2. Granite – Granite is another popular choice for flooring, kitchen countertops, staircases, reception etc. These are hard and durable, lasting a lifetime. These are also stain proof when regularly cleaned. When properly sealed, they are waterproof keeping the flooring hygienic. They are mostly available in black, brown, green, white, pink or grey color.


Stone Fixing Solutions

3. Sandstone – This variant of stone is mostly available in Rajasthan. The sturdy and durable nature of the stone makes it ideal for external paving. These are available in different colors and patterns making it look attractive. Hence these are used for front-elevation decorations also.


Stone Tile Grout

4. Limestone – Limestones like Kota from Rajasthan and Kadappa from South India are the two most popular variants available. Limestone is a preferred choice for exterior paving like patios, paths and decks. High quality limestone is also used for interior, when marble seems pricy.


Stone Floor Grout

5. Slate Stone – It is a popular choice for roofing and flooring due to its durability and attractive appearance. The color is mostly shades of grey but are also available in green, red, black etc. Most of the slate mined is used to produce roofing slates as they can be cut into thin sheets. Slate is also used for interior flooring, exterior paving and dimension stones.

Other varieties include Quartizite stone, Basalt & Trap stone, Travertine stone, Laterite stone and Gneiss stone. All of these have unique features and will add to the beauty of the house, both interior and exterior.

The recent JV of Roff with Tenax, Italy (Global Expert in Stone Solutions) has brought in a complete range of products for stone installation and maintenance. Right practices followed during installation and maintenance will ensure that the beauty of flooring will remain for the years to come.