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Grout Powder for Tiles

Why Do You Need a Tile Grouting Powder?

When installing tile or stone, you’ll need grout, and a suitable grout not any other grout. Allow no one to persuade you otherwise. Grout is an important component of your tile installation, and selecting an appropriate grout can make a big difference between a tile installation that appears and functions brilliantly with time and one that quickly degrades into a terrible eye-sore.

Now, before digging into the details of why one should use grout powder for tiles, let’s understand what is grout, first.

What is Grout?

Grout is a filler component, a dense material that is used to seal the joints/gaps between tiles after the tile has been installed.

Grout can offer several benefits, some of which are:

  • – It offers your floor or wall a clean, completed look.
  • – Improves aesthetic appeal of floor with the right shades used complementing the tiles or stone
  • – It prevents dirt & grime from getting between and beneath your tiles.
  • – It increases the hardness and durability of the tile installation.

The Purpose of Grout

Nobody notices grout when it fulfils its job of locking tiles together, keeping water out, and offering floors & walls a beautiful appearance. People only notice when the grout fails, becomes dirty, damaged, or falls out completely.

However, grout demands greater attention. Not only does it fill spaces, but also reinforces the floor, wall, or countertop by cementing the tiles together and preventing tile borders from chipping and breaking.

Different Types of Grouts

Cement Grout

Portland cement is by far the most popular type of cement, made from clay and chalk that solidifies when exposed to water and takes on the colour of Portland stone when hardened. Cement grout comprises a variety of filler particles as well as a water-retention agent. For its numerous qualities, cement grout has undoubtedly been employed in both home and office applications.

It comes in a variety of shades so that users can match it to the tile colour. Cement grout is applied to a surface by first mixing it with water and then applying it using a floater. The existence of a specialized polymer in it, allows the cement grout to cure and dry gradually for optimum hardness than usage of just cement as a grouting option. One of the biggest reasons people dislike cement grout is the is that it   t cracks with wear and tear (2-3 yrs), not resistant to cleaners, post application takes a lot of effort to clean stains etc.

Epoxy Grout

Epoxy grout is a kind of tiles joint filler powder which does not require any use of water or Portland cement in the mixing process. It usually comprises a hardener, epoxy resin, and pigmented (coloured) silica fillers. When opposed to cementitious grout, epoxy grout is less permeable. Furthermore, epoxy grouts perform best in locations prone to grease and acid, such as kitchens. Epoxy grouts are also used in bathrooms and swimming pool since they are water resistant due to its non-porous nature. Besides, it is stain-resistant, making it a popular choice among contractors and homeowners. However, combining it with cement grout is not suggested because it can result in a non-resistance of stains.

Cement Grout or Epoxy Grout: The Final Call

Roff Starlike

The industry is moving away from tradional cement based grout fillers to epoxy fillers due to its advantages of crack-free, stain-free and water-resistant properties. It is also advantageous due to its durability and strength to keep the tiles in place. Hiccups like discolouration due to UV exposure etc are being addressed with newer and upgraded epoxy grouts like Roff Starlike.

Grouts are also available in a wide variety of shades and finishes adding to the aesthetic appeal of the room. Additional products like Sparkles add the glitter to the epoxy grouts, especially in Pooja rooms.

Roff Rainbow Tile Mate Epoxy

For a high-performance epoxy tiles grout powder, you can check out Roff Rainbow Tile Mate Epoxy. It is a three-component epoxy tile joint filler that is crack-free and highly suitable for internal floors and walls.

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