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Roff Sparkle Epoxy Grout

Why You should Use Roff Sparkles on Tile Joints in Your home?

Tile installations are not only functional but also have a significant impact on the aesthetics of a space. However, gone are the days when the tiled installation had to be boring and plain. Today, there are a bunch of options in the market that can liven up your space and add so much value to it. So, the search of homeowners and interior designers for innovative products that can add a hint of sparkle and glam to the tiles ends with a marvelous product by the house of Roff called Roff Sparkle.

What is Roff Sparkle?

As the name suggests, Roff Sparkle is an admixture that is added to the epoxy grout to give a glittery effect on tile joints. It has great properties such as it is water-resistant and stain-free so your investment is totally value for money. Roff Sparkle is available in three different colors, silver, copper, and gold. In this blog, we will know the top benefits of incorporating sparkling admixtures in your tile joints.


The primary advantage of using sparkling admixtures in tile joints is the aesthetic element offered. These glittering additives bring elegance and uniqueness to your tile work to create a stunning focal point. When you turn on the lights of the room, the glittery particles will twinkle like stars. So, get ready to receive tons of compliments for your tiled area from guests.

Versatile Design Options

Roff Sparkle comes in a variety of colors such as silver, copper, and gold. All these colors complement a wide variety of tiles. So, you can choose as per your preference and design concept. Whether you want to create a subtle, elegant look or make a bold, dazzling statement, you can achieve it with sparkling tile joints.

Reflective Properties

The charm comes from the reflection that comes when the Roff Sparkle is added to the grouted area. It transforms a dull space into a vibrant one. The room lighting will hit the tiled installation and glitters will do the magic to make the space more open and inviting.

Easy Maintenance

Contrary to what you might think, Roff Sparkles do not require extensive maintenance. The admixture is added to the epoxy grout during the grouting process and settles down in no time. Once set, it won’t budge even if there is high foot traffic. The product is water-resistant, and chemical-resistant making it a fairly easy maintenance product. Regular cleaning with a mild solution is usually sufficient to maintain the glittering effect.

Increased Property Value

In case you are creating an attractive interior space to get a good market return on the property, adding these sparkles can give the uniqueness that you are looking for. So, it is great from an interior
design point of view as it is cost-effective and makes the space more appealing.


Roff Sparkle is one of the best products that has a unique value proposition. Reach out to the Roff team to know more about Roff Sparkle or any other product.

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