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Under Tile Waterproofing

Reasons Why Under-Tile Waterproofing is Important

Tiles are extensively used on dry and wet surfaces to increase their aesthetic quotient. However, it is important to use under tile waterproofing prior to the tile installation. Roff Hyguard Ex and Roff Bond Repair is designed for under-tile application to ensure that the tile surface is leakproof and waterproof for a long time.


Waterproofing is not done to seal the surface under the tiles then it may lead to further problems down the road.

Common Tile Problems that can be Tackled with Under Tile Waterproofing

It is a very common misconception that tiles are waterproof. In the construction industry, builders often want to save money by direct application of tiles without proper waterproofing. They think that when the grout is set, water will not leak into the surface, which is not true. Even if there is no visible gap between the tile, water can enter into the substrate and cause damage. Some tiles are more vulnerable to water absorption than others. So, without a waterproofing solution, tiles application cannot stop the intrusion of moisture into the surface.

Structural Decay

The risk of structural decay increases on damp surfaces. If the substrate on which the tiles are applied is damaged then it may lead to bigger problems. You may need to invest a lot of money and time to solve the problem.

Building Foundation

Water leakage is one of the major concerns that lead to damage ion the foundation of the building. When water enters the substrate, it accumulates in certain areas which leads to cracking and uneven settling. This leads to heavy investment requirements to repair the damage.

Mould Formation

One of the biggest problems that arise due to moisture trapped under the tile surface is mould formation. The entire area becomes a breeding space for moulds and mildew that causes several health issues.

Pest Infestation

Another big problem that may arise on such surfaces is pest infestation. Different kinds of pests like moisture and damp surfaces serve as an infestation ground for them. Termites, ants, and centipedes are some of the insects that find a moist area to reside. Pest control may give you a temporary solution but in the longer run, they are not easy to manage.

Roff Bond Repair Product

Roff Bond Repair is an SBR chemical that is used for waterproofing the under-tile area effectively. It needs to be mixed with cement to form a paste which can be applied on the surface with just a paint brush or a roller. Similarly, Hyguard EX is a 2 component flexible undertile waterproofing coating which is easy to use, elastic, non toxic and prevents Leakages .

Roff Hyguard Ex Product

All of the above mentioned problems can be avoided by using this product that restricts water leakage under the tiles. You can refer the website for further details on the products. When the aim is to have a Waterproof tiled area, Roff provides you with the best solutions.