Roff Cera Clean

Roff Cera Clean is a high-performance tile and ceramic cleaning liquid used to get rid of yellow spots, grimes, stains, oil, wax, and moss. The product is formulated to make it fit for use on tiling floors and walls, bathrooms, toilets, and other tiling areas in domestic and commercial spaces. It is also the perfect solution for getting rid of white spots/layers in common-use areas such as bathrooms and porch areas.

It is recommended to use Roff Cera Clean tile cleaner by diluting it with water. It is a rapid-action formula that protects the colour and natural shine of the tile.

Packaging Units- 500 ml / 1 L / 5 L

Packaging Type- Liquid

Colours- Red

    Features and Advantages

    • Roff Cera Clean is very easy to use on tiled floors and walls and acts immediately to remove a stain or grime build-up.
    • This tile & ceramic cleaner cleans various types of surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain & vitrified tile, and grout.
    • The product does not damage the ceramic and tile joints. So, if the joints are grouted with coloured products, Roff Cera Clean can be used on the tile as it does not harm the grouting.
    • It is not a harmful product, making it safe for use in domestic and commercial places.
    Roff Ceraclean Application 1
    Roff Ceraclean Application 2

    Application Area

    • Material to be Cleaned: For removing mild spots on tiling surfaces such as toilet floors and walls, kitchen areas, and other tiling or ceramic surfaces, a 1:1 proportion of Roff Cera Clean is recommended.
    • Area of Application: Use a clean cloth and dip in the degreasing diluted solution and gently rub the tiling surface. Repeat the process till you get the desired results.
    • It is recommended to use a non-diluted (neat) solution/liquid of Roff Cera Clean to get rid of stubborn stains/layers on the surface. It is recommended to patch test on a small section before using the liquid on the entire area.
    • For everyday use, use two caps of Roff Cera Clean liquid with half a bucket of water. It is perfect for mopping the tiled areas of the house.

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    Roff Cera Clean


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most effective way to clean tile floors?
    Roff Cera Clean is a rapid-action cleaner that is most effective in cleaning tile floors. This degreasing solution is suitable for use on all types of tiles and removes stains and any other residue on the tile.
    What is the best cleaning solution for stone tile floors?
    Tenax Brio Top is the best cleaning solution for stone tile floors. It is specially formulated for use on marble, granite, and engineered stones. This concentrated product is ready for use. Just spray the liquid on the surface and wipe it with a dry, clean cloth to clean it.
    Can Roff Cera Clean be used on marble?
    The best product for cleaning marble is Tenax Brio Top, as it is formulated to be used on marbles and stones. Roff Cera Clean is ideal for use on all types of tiles.
    How do you use Roff Cera Clean?
    Roff Cera Clean can be used in multiple ways. For mild spots: Mix Roff Cera Clean with water in a 1:1 proportion, soak a clean cloth in the solution, and wipe the surface to clean it. For tough stains: Directly apply the product on the area to remove the stain. However, it is recommended to check by applying a small amount. For everyday use, mix two capfuls of Roff Cera Clean in a half-bucket of water to clean tile surfaces.
    What is the best tile cleaner?
    Roff Cera Clean is the best cleaner that is suitable for getting rid of any stain or dust deposited on tile surfaces. You can use it for everyday use, removing tough stains and mild stains from tile surfaces. The product is suitable for residential as well as commercial use.

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