Tenax Brio Top Product

Tenax Brio Top

Tenax Brio Top is an alcohol-based cleaner for stones, marble, granite and all other surfaces. The product is formulated to make it fit for everyday use in residential as well as commercial areas. It is a high-performance tile and stone stain remover that gets rid of any harsh chemicals, oil, grease, or moss from the surface. Known to be the best-in-class marble, stone and all surface cleaning liquid, Tenax Brio Top is also very easy to use.

Packaging Units- 1 L

Packaging Type- Liquid

Colours- Transparent

    Features and Advantages

    • Tenax Brio Top does not leave haze after use. That means fewer suspended particles in the atmosphere. As a result, it causes less atmospheric pollution.
    • This product has an alcohol-based formula that is suitable for everyday use for regular cleaning purposes.
    • The quick-drying feature of Tenax Brio Top makes it a fast-acting product.
    • Comes with Nozzle dispenser and ergonomic grip design for ease of use.

    Application Area

    • Surface: Tenax Brio Top can be used on different types of surfaces, such as Marbles, Engineered Stones. Ceramic, Porcelain, Granite, Other surfaces
    • Application: Apply this alcohol-based cleaner on the surface directly. The correct way to use Tenax Brio Top is to let the product sit on the surface for a few minutes so that it can take its powerful action to remove all the gunk and then wipe it away with a clean and dry soft cloth.
    • This liquid can be used as a floor, countertop, and vanity top cleaner on varied surfaces such as marble, stone, and others. The product comes with a nozzle for easy application. You can keep the nozzle on at the time of spraying on the surface and turn it off after use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best product to clean stone?
    Tenax Brio Top is the right product for cleaning stones. It is a high-performance cleanser that comes in a 1-liter packaging unit. It has a quick-drying formula and does not leave a haze after using it on the stone surface.
    How to remove tough stains from tiles?
    You can remove tough stains from tiles using Roff Cera Clean, which is a high-performance cleanser ideal for use on tiles. It takes rapid action on the tile surface to remove stains quickly. It also retains the natural glossy look of tile.

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