Roff Sparkles Product

Roff Sparkles

Roff Sparkles is an admixture that is added with the epoxy grout to achieve a sparkling effect on the joints of the tiles. This decorative powder elevates the look of the tile grout and gives a glittery finish. This powder is available in three different colours: silver, gold, and copper, which are water-resistant and stain-free. So, you should not be worried about it coming out when applied on internal or external walls and floors.

Packaging Units- 100 g

Packaging Type- Powder

Colours- Gold / Silver / Copper

    Features and Advantages

    • Roff sparkles are very easy to use. It can be mixed with Roff RTM Epoxy Grout to grout the tile joints and achieve the desired look.
    • This product is suitable for different kinds of tiles and stones to accentuate their look.
    • It is not difficult to mix Roff Sparkles with resin-based tile grout. You can work with the desired amount to mix with the epoxy-based grout filler and apply it to the target area.
    • These sparkles are available in gold, silver, and copper colours. So, you can experiment by using two colours with Roff RTM Epoxy grout to achieve a different look.
    • It is eco-friendly and chemical resistant, which is a big advantage since it is used on internal and external surfaces.
    ROFF SPARKLES Application 1
    ROFF SPARKLES Application 2

    Application Area

    • Surface to be Grouted: The glitter, when mixed with epoxy grout filler, can be used for grouting all types of tiles and natural stones. Use it on all types of ceramic tile, glazed tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified & fully vitrified tiles, natural stones* , large format tiles, glass mosaic tiles, composites & engineered stone. However, it is recommended to do sampling before using it on natural stones. You can also get technical assistance from Roff personnel, whom you can call by contacting us.
    • Area of Application: The product is excellent for domestic as well as commercial use and is suitable for use in dry as well as wet areas. Roff Sparkles are suitable for all kinds of projects where you want to decorate the tile joints to make them look appealing and aesthetic.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you add sparkles to the grout?
    Yes, you can add sparkle to RTM epoxy and Starlike. Roff Sparkles is the best product to get sparkling joints. It is an admix that enhances the beauty of tile joints.
    How do you make glitter grout?
    You can make glitter grout by adding sparkles to the epoxy-based tile joint filler. Roff Sparkles that come in gold, silver, and copper colors can be added to epoxy-based tile joint grout to get a glittery effect.
    How do you use Roff sparkles?
    Mix half bottle of the Roff sparkles in 1 kg of grout. If you need more sparkling effect, you can add the entire content to Roff epoxy grout.
    How do I make grout sparkle?
    You can make grout sparkles by using Roff Sparkles.

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