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Grouting Bathroom Floor Tiles

Grouting the Tiled Surface: Importance and How to Choose It

Grouting is a crucial part of tiling and marvel-paved surfaces. It has functional as well as aesthetic benefits that are big yes in modern construction practices. It enhances the quality of the structure by strengthening the bond between tiles and preventing movement, reducing the chances of tile
displacement. Whether you are grouting bathroom floor tiles or kitchen wall tiles, it will increase the durability of the tiled surface and make the installation look seamless.

Importance of Grouting Tiled Surfaces


Grout or tile filler acts as a barrier between the substrate and tiles. It does not allow water to seep into the substrate and cause damage. It is particularly helpful in areas that are prone to moisture buildup, such as kitchen and bathroom floor tiles. Roff grouting products have waterproofing properties that help make sure that the tiled surface is away from water infiltration.


When tiles are installed in an area, it is important to use tile filler in between adjacent tiles to ensure dirt and debris do not sit in the joints. Properly maintained grout is easier to clean and maintain, promoting a healthier environment.


Grouting transforms the visual appearance of the tiled surface. It creates clean, linear lines that give a classy and polished look. Roff offers a number of colour options in its high-performance two-component epoxy-based tile joint filler. In addition, it maintains surface uniformity.


One of the biggest advantages of the grouted surface is that it evenly distributes the load on the surface, which gives it long-term durability. It keeps the surface resistant to wear and tear.

Structural Integrity

When the gaps between the tiles are filled properly, it enhances the substrate and tile bond. It results in less movement between the tiles and reduces the chances of tile displacement.

Easy Repair

A well-groomed surface allows you to easily repair a certain part, as the damaged tile can be removed and new tile can be installed.

How Do You Choose the Right Tile Joint Filler?

When you are choosing the grout, it’s crucial to consider the specific purpose of your tile installation. If the tile installation needs to be done in a high-traffic area, such as a commercial project or the living space of a house, you should opt for grout that can withstand high wear and tear. Such environments require a tiled finish that can withstand increased abrasion and foot traffic. For these purposes, epoxy grout, known for its low water absorption, is a great option. Beyond its durability and longevity, it offers ease of cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, it boasts remarkable resistance to heavy traffic, making it an ideal choice for areas subjected to substantial foot activity.


Roff offers a range of tile fillers that are meant for domestic as well as commercial use. Roff Starlike is a preferred tile joint filler that is available in 16 shades. Available in packaging units of 1 and 5 Kg, this high-performance tile joint filler is all you need to get a superior aesthetic in your home space. You can check the product page for more information or reach out to us to choose the right grout for your tiling project. We will guide you in choosing the easiest way to choose grout for tiles.