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Roff Wall Tile Adhesive

Crucial Role of Tile Adhesives in Tile Installation

Tiles are some of the most commonly used materials in homes and commercial spaces. Over the years, the design and patterns of tiles have evolved with changing decades. In the past, glazed clay bricks were commonly used on walls and floors. Nowadays, buildings feature a variety of tiles, including vitrified and ceramic types. Their versatility has never been in question. Tiles are key elements that contribute to achieving the ideal interior, ranging from industrial and mid-century to Art Deco and Bohemian styles. Switching the tiles in a room can be transformative in many ways, adding not only aesthetic appeal but also providing insulating properties.

Traditional Tile Installation

Traditionally, cement was the primary binding agent for installing tiles. While it sets quickly and adheres well to surfaces, cement has several drawbacks that make it less suitable for tile installation. It is a porous material, which creates an uneven surface on the substrate. Tiles fixed on this uneven surface create voids when the cement dries beneath the surface. The weak bonding can result in cracked tiles, an uneven finish, and difficulties in future repair work. To address these issues, the market now has a number of specialized tile adhesives designed for wall and floor installations with exceptional properties.

Modern Tile Installation

The modern method of tile installation is highly efficient and cost-effective. Specialized tile adhesives offer excellent binding strength with the substrate material. The best tile adhesives are available in ready-to-use packaging. By mixing the material with the right proportion of water, you can create a consistent paste. This paste is evenly spread on the substrate using an application tool. Tiles are laid on top of the even layer with equal gaps, ensuring perfect symmetry in the room. This results in a robust foundation on the floor or wall that can support tiles in the long run. It also minimizes the chances of tiles cracking. Taking a professional help for tile application can give you a finished look.

Roff Tile Adhesives

Roff tile adhesives are some of the best ones in the market. These adhesives are widely used in domestic as well as commercial spaces. Roff tile adhesives for wall and floor applications are formulated to provide phenomenal bonding strength, ample time for application, and a quick-drying formula. The use of Roff tile adhesives ensures quicker project completion due

Roff Tile Adhesive

to easy application and rapid drying time. Roff offers different types of tile adhesives for external and internal applications, which have excellent adhesion properties, a self-curing formula, and ready-to-use products. For more information on any specific tile adhesive, reach out to us at 1800 2255 02 or email us at

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