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Tiling on diverse substrates

During earlier days, the tiling affair used to happen only on the cement plaster for floor and walls. But with changing times, tiling is now done on a variety of substrate, and this trend is now led by architects and interior designers.

For example, tiling is done on mezzanine floor and staircases made of metal. Drywalls made from cement board and plywood, basin / vanity / kitchen tops and fixing of composite or engineered stone and masonry etc. are all practices that have come up in the recent past.


These practices have developed as a result of many factors. Opportunity to be creative, effectively utilize space, easier installation, availability of substrates etc. have contributed to these novel trends. All these offer customer delight through beautiful aesthetics.


As tiles are now being used in a versatile manner, it is important to have the right adhesive that can be applied on various substrates. Roff provides specialized adhesive for this trending application.