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Rubber Mallet For Tile

All About Mallet and Its Role in Tile Fixing

Tiles can transform any living space by adding elegance and grace to the space. However, it is equally important to lay the tile in the right way so that the professionalism of the tile applicator is displayed loud and clear. It requires professional expertise and application tools to achieve the finished look.

Here, we will discuss the uses of rubber mallets in tile application.

What is Mallet?

Mallet is a barrel-shaped hammer that is widely used for various purposes. It is a T-shaped application tool. The length of the hammer is held to strike the surface in such a way the surface is not damaged. There are different types of mallets available in the market. However, a rubber mallet is very popular in home improvement spaces for tile application. Other than this, you can also find wooden mallets, bench mallets, and carver’s mallets that are used for woodwork and other general purposes.

Why are Rubber Mallets Used for Tile Applications?

Rubber mallets are rubber hammer that has the main purpose to level the tile without damage by gentle application. It is also used as an application tool that can spread the adhesive behind the tile evenly so that the tile stick to the surface properly. A rubber mallet is used by professionals to ensure that the tile is fixed without any breakage. It is used for various kinds of tiles and stone fixing including vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, natural and artifical stones.

Features and Benefits of Rubber Mallet

Proper Tile Adhesion​

Oftentimes, when these advanced tools are not used for tile application, you can spot uneven finishes and poor adhesion on the surface. These irregularities result in breakage and damage to the tile surface in the longer run. A rubber mallet ensures that the tile is fixed properly without any extra adhesive on the back of the tile but sufficient enough to hold the tile on horizontal and vertical surfaces such as flooring and walls.

Correct Levelling

It’s very easy to spot tiles that are not correctly laid on the surface, you can spot uneven tiles from a distance. It also leads to water clogging in wet areas as the tiles are not properly inclined towards the drainage hole. A rubber hammer ensures that the tiles and stones are correctly levelled. Lippage or unlevelled tiling causes dust and moisture accumulation and eventually leads to tile debonding or unhygenic conditions

Avoid Marks on Tiles

Here the material of the mallet plays an important role. Since it is made up of rubber, it ensures that there are no marks or spots on the tile at the time of application. These days, expensive and delicate tiles are used for home and commercial applications. So, it is a must to use tools that do not damage the tiles in any way.

Light Weight

Usually, tiles and stones are applied to a large area. So, it is important to use application tools that are not very heavy. Rubber mallets are lightweight which allows them to be a very useful tool for tile fixing.

Roff’s Rubber mallet is long lasting, best in class and avoids marks on the tiles and stones. It has a strong grip and ensures the adhesion behind is evenly spread. Can be used for all tile and stone applications, be it internal or external, wall and floor. Available at affordable rates at the nearest tile dealer.