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Spacer For Tiles

Spacers for Laying Tiles: Key Tips for Tile Spacing

Tile installation requires technical knowledge about alignment, uniformity, and surface area. Applicators factor in various aspects before laying tiles on any surface. Today, many advanced tools are used to achieve that flawless look. One of the tools used in tile installation is spacers.

What is a Tile Spacer?

A spacer for tiles is a tool that comes in handy for placing tiles at equal distances with consistency. It is a small, plastic, or rubber tool available in different sizes varying between 2mm to 5mm and shapes including crosses, T-shapes, and straight lines. The correct way to use a spacer for floor tiles is to place it between tiles during installation to get even gaps between them. Tile spacers not only ensure uniform gaps but also facilitate proper grouting.

Key Tips for Tile Spacing

  • The space where tiles are being installed has a huge role in the size of the tile spacer used.For instance, for small rooms, using small spacers is advisable. It ensures more tiles are used in the area to create an illusion of large space. Little changes can give your space an elevated look.
  • If the room construction is not equidistant from all sides, it is better to use large tile spacing to get a finished look. It minimises the impact on non-uniformity between two points.
  • Experimenting with tile placement is a good idea before starting the project. It gives an idea of the look that you will achieve after completion. Different room requires different tile placement so checking what works best is important before committing to the entire project.
  • A hack to save the majority of small cuts in the tile placement is using wider spacing. An extra mm in the tile placement can make a huge difference.
  • Stress relief is an important consideration that should not be missed during tile installation. A minimum gap of 2mm for wall tiles and 3 mm for floor tiles is recommended. It absorbs minor tile movement and its impact in the future.
  • Getting a straight line during tile placement gives a clean look. A laser level or chalk line is helpful in achieving it. It also ensures better precision while working.


Correct tile placement can be achieved by using advanced tools like tile spacers. Placing the tiles at the correct distance helps in easy repair access, concealing any flaws, and gives an aesthetic look. Roff Tile Spacer is one of the best application tools in the market that does a fine job of facilitating equidistant tile placement. Refer to the product page for more details. Reach out to the Roff team for further assistance.

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