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How to Install Large Format Tiles and Stones?

Not just for aesthetics but large format tiles are in great demand for a number of reasons. Speaking of the benefits of large format tiles that make them highly preferred among homeowners and architects alike, they include minimal grout lines, less maintenance, enhanced coverage, and most importantly reduced installation time. However, the installation of large format tiles has its challenges. Working with large-format stone necessitates finer substrate tolerances. Furthermore, its weight makes it difficult to manage during installation in both floor and wall applications.

The post mentions the steps involved in the installation of large format tiles.

Levelling of the Substrate

The substrate for the installation needs to be levelled as flat as feasible. To ensure proper installation of large format tiles, make sure the evenness and precision of the surface are thoroughly maintained and within 1.5mm with a 2m straight edge. Before beginning installation, any places that are not within this tolerance need to be rectified. Furthermore, the substrate must be sound, without fractures, cured, dimensionally stable, and clean.

Selecting the Best Tile Adhesive

As the tile size increases, the risk of the tile not being fully in contact and covered by the adhesive bed also increases. It is important to use the adhesive with high workability time which ensures that the adhesive does not dry very fast and helps in bonding while it is being lifted and fixed, especially on the walls. This helps avoid the gaps which would otherwise compromise the bond’s strength and longevity.

Roff Vitrofix Adhesive

Large format tiles are heavy, especially the ones greater than 17 kg have a higher tendency of bending and even falling. Therefore, the selection of tile adhesive becomes extremely important. It is recommended to go with the adhesive that is proven to offer maximum working time and excellent bond strength to prevent the slipping of tiles.

Use Double-Buttering Technique

Tiles must be put on an adhesive base that is compact. When applying the adhesive, the double-buttering approach is advised.

Use the double double-buttering technique in which the adhesive is applied on both the back of the large format tile and also the substrate with the help of a steel notched trowel. Using a notched trowel makes the application even, prevents wastage, and helps cover the tile completely. When you do so, make sure to apply the adhesive in the same direction to the substrate and the back of the large format tile. To limit the distance covered by the air being pushed out, the adhesive must be spread in straight lines parallel to the short side of the large format tile.

This prevents gaps from forming, which would otherwise compromise the bond’s strength and durability. Due to the massive size of the tiles, air pockets may form between both the substrate and the back of the tile. Therefore, it is critical to run over the surface of the laid tile with a rubber mallet, especially when placing tiles on external substrates with gaps where water can gather.


For grouting, you need to choose a good quality tile gap filler epoxy. When it comes to waterproof tile joint filler, epoxy tile fillers make for a great choice for their excellent properties. Besides, the grout line between every tile needs to be at least 2 mm broad and may be expanded depending on the size and type of the tiles, the area of usage (floor or wall tiles, internal or external), and the forces expected during service. It is advised that spacers be used between the tiles to maintain a proper distance between each tile.

How Roff Can Help?

Speaking of the solutions that Roff has to offer for big tile and stone fixing, they include Roff Vitrofix Adhesive and Roff Rainbow Tile Mate Epoxy grout. Besides, Roff also provides a wide range of application tools like spacers, notch trowels, and rubber mallets to help you simplify the application process.

These two products when used step-wise that is one by one, ensure excellent adhesion and anti-slip properties. Besides, when you use these products, they accommodate bends, adjust tile deformities, have waterproof properties, and are easy to clean and maintain.

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