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Roff Spacers

Roff spacers are small, T-shaped tools used to provide even gaps between the tile joints during installation. It is a crucial part of the tile application process, providing a professional finish and even distribution between adjacent tiles. A tile installation done by using the right application tool, like Roff spacers, has a clean look and straight grout lines when the adhesive dries. Roff spacers for tiles come in different sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 mm. The availability of different sizes of grout spacers allows professionals to get grout lines ranging from narrow to wider. Depending upon the tile structure, space, and aesthetics, spacers can be used to get clean and equal spaces between tiles. It also ensures that the tile joints have the right amount of product for them to be grouted properly. Using spacers for tiles gives a secured and durable surface.

Packaging Units- 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 mm

Packaging Type- Tool

      Features and Advantages

      • Create an even grout line: Roff spacers are used in tile installation to achieve equal distance between tiles and to create even lines in grout. The joints between consecutive tiles are uniform, ensuring overall uniformity on the tiled surface.
      • Enhanced Design Aesthetics: Tile application in any space is done to not only provide functionality but also to enhance its aesthetics. A properly tiled surface with equal space between each tile has a clean and professional look. Tile spacers help maintain that cohesive and even look.
      • Easy repair access: Using spacers for tile application is advisable as it creates a sufficient gap between adjacent tiles, making it easy to replace any tile in the future if it gets damaged. In a nutshell, it gives easy repair access without damaging adjacent tiles.
      Roff Spacers Application

      Application Area

      • Material to be spaced: Roff tile spacers can be used on all types of tiles and stones, such as vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, terracotta, brick, and large format tiles.
      • Substrate/ Surface: It can be used on cement-based screeds, cement-based plasters, concrete surfaces, bricks, and other cement-based surfaces.
      • Area of application: Spacers can be used for tile fixing on floors and walls in internal as well as external areas. It is suitable for use in domestic applications, commercial applications, and dry and wet areas.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What tile spacers are best?
      Roff tile spacer is one of the best application tools available in the market. It comes in a 2/ 3/4/5/6 mm packaging unit that ensures a uniform gap between the tiles.
      What is the purpose of tile spacers?
      Roff tile spacer is a modern application tool that is used to get uniform gaps between the tiles during application. If no spacer is used, it will lead to no gap between the tiles for grouting resulting in a number of issues including tile-debonding, deposition of dust in narrow joints, lack of proper strength in tile assembly and difficulty in repair work. It also helps to enhance the beauty of tiled surfaces.
      Do you need spacers between tiles?
      Yes, spacers are very important between the tiles because they give uniform gaps between tiles. Roff tile spacers come in various packaging units that can be used during tile application. If you want to beautify the gaps between tile joints, use Roff Starlike, available in different colours that helps in aesthetics of the tiled surface.
      Which tile spacer is best?
      Roff tile spacer is one of the best tile spacers in the market. This modern application tool is specifically designed to be used to ensure even gaps on the tiled surface. The size of tile spacer depends on properties such as dimensional stability of tiles, and type of tiles.
      Is a spacer good for tiles?
      Yes, spacers are good for tiles as they serve the crucial purpose of ensuring even gaps on the tiled surface. It helps in giving even gaps between tiles that makes it easy to clean and give an easy access for any repair work. Even gaps accommodate thermal expansion and contraction of tiles.

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