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Bathroom Tiles Cleaning Liquid

Tile Cleaning Liquids in a Glance

Tiles are one of the most common materials that are used on walls and floors of homes. It adds a sophisticated touch to the interior and elevates the look of the space. However, it is very important to keep tiled surfaces neat and clean, just like any other surface in the house. A well-maintained tiled surface looks elegant and creates a positive impression of the house owner in front of guests. Other than this, clean tile is also important for keeping a healthy environment for those who are living in the house. Regular cleaning maintains the sheen of the tile and prevents the surface from getting damaged due to oil or grease build-up.

Now that you know the importance of tile cleaning, you should also know how to clean the tiles with the right products. Roff offers one of the best chemicals for tile cleaning, Roff Cera Tile Cleaner, which is suitable for everyday use. This liquid can be used for cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and other tiled areas of the house.

What are Tile Cleaning Liquids?

Tile cleaners are specialized water-based solutions that have degreasing properties. Tile cleaners have a slightly acidic formulation ideal for different types of tiles. However, it is not harmful like acids, And hence it does not affect the hands of the user like other acid cleaners. It removes tough spots and stains from the tile surface and retains its natural shine.

When you use Roff Cera Clean tile cleaner, it does not damage the joints between the tiles and easily degreases the tiled surface.

How to Use Tile Cleaner?

It is very easy to use the tile cleaner. You can mix the required quantity with water and use it on the tiled surface.

For Mild Spots

If you want to get rid of mild spots on the tiles, mix a 1:1 proportion of the tile cleaner with water for effective cleaning. Use a clean cloth to dip in the solution and rub the surface gently to remove spots.

For Tough Spot

If the tiled surface has a tough spot, use an undiluted solution of the tile cleaner to remove the layer. A patch test is always recommended when using a concentrated solution on tiled surfaces.

For Everyday Cleaning

For everyday cleaning of the tiles, dilute two capfuls of the tile cleaner in half a bucket of water. It maintains the natural shine of the tiles and prevents any grease, oil, or dust build-up.




Roff Cera Clean is the best pick for cleaning all types of tile surfaces. It is an all-purpose product that works well for getting rid of any kind of dust or oil accumulation on tiles. This highly versatile liquid takes rapid action on the surface and helps in retaining its natural look. For more details about the product, such as precautions, limitations, and coverage, you can check out the product page of Roff Cera Clean.