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An Overview of Joint Fillers

Joint fillers are frequently used term in the architecture and construction industry and are a construction material used for grouting. Grouting means filling the gaps between materials such as tiles, stones, and marbles. You can find well-grouted marble surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other area in modern construction. These joint fillers not only improve the quality of construction but also improves its appearance. Therefore, it’s important to choose a joint filler from an expert brand like Roff. Our range of Tenax general and clear mastics are joint fillers formulated for glueing and filling cracks in marble, stones, and granite.

Benefits of Using Joint Fillers

Joint fillers are extremely helpful in protecting the marble or stone surface from external elements such as water, dust, and chemicals. The cracks are filled to avoid water seeping into the surface and damaging it. Joint fillers also have great adhesion property that makes them easy to apply on marble, stones, and granite. Tenax Mastic (Solid/Liquid), Tenax Resina-T8, and Tenax Thassos are some of the

best marble joint fillers on the market. They are polishable and grindable in a very short time. Has low shrinkage and a good adhsesion.

How to Use Joint Fillers?

Filling the cracks and gaps between marble and stones should be carried out by professionals as it requires expertise. It requires preparation before starting the process to fill the joints.

If you are looking for how to use Tenax marble glue which is a joint filler then here are the steps:

• As a preparation, you need to ensure that marble and joint filling intervals are dry and clean.

• Take out the necessary amount of glue from the tin and add Hardner 2-3% by weight. Prior to this step, you can add colouring paste as well.

• The next step is to mix them steadily to get a consistent product and use it for filling the joints.

• It is important to not keep the leftover glue in the original container again.

• Make sure to close the tin after usage. Store the glue and Hardner in a dark place (away from the sun).

This product is extremely suitable for grouting and bonding work between marbles. It is recommended to use solid versions for vertical surfaces and liquid version for horizontal surfaces. Please refer to the website for further product details or call us at 1800 2255 02