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Epoxy Grout For Tiles

Top Benefits of Using Epoxy Tile Grouts to Fill Tile Joints: Is It Worth The Hype?

Epoxy grout is a type of grout made from epoxy resins and hardeners. Epoxy grout is used in tile installations to fill gaps between tiles and create an even, and durable surface.


Top Benefits of using Epoxy Grout for Tiles


One of the biggest benefits of epoxy grout is it is extremely durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, chemical exposure, and other harsh conditions. It does not wear off easily and lasts for years. This makes it ideal for filling the gaps between tiles in high-traffic areas of commercial as well as domestic spaces. Roff Rainbow Tile Mate Epoxy Grout and Roff Starlike are amongst some of the best epoxy tile grout that can be used.


Stain Resistance

Epoxy tile grouts are non-porous and water-resistant in nature which makes them highly resistant to stains. This means that spills can be easily wiped off without leaving behind any unsightly stains.


Color Consistency

Epoxy tile grouts are available in a wide range of colors to choose from. So, you can choose a color that suits your project’s aesthetics. The color of the epoxy grout is consistent throughout the entire installation. This makes it easier to achieve a uniform and consistent look. Roff Rainbow Tile Mate Epoxy Grout comes in 25 different shades. So, if you want a tile joint filler of a particular color, then you can definitely select it as per your preference.



One of the most common reasons why homeowners and interior designers choose epoxy tile grout is its waterproofing properties that adds longevity to the tiled surface. It can be used on wet as well as dry surfaces and prevent any kind of moisture build-up in the gaps of the tiles.


Low Maintenance

Epoxy tile grout requires very little maintenance. It is designed to withstand diverse conditions such as high traffic, chemical exposure, and moisture. Regular cleaning with Roff Cera Clean liquid is enough to keep the tile grouts clean and shiny.


Chemical Resistance

Epoxy grout is suitable to be used in industrial as well as domestic settings as it is highly resistant to chemicals. It does not break down or deteriorate when exposed to chemicals, which makes it a safe choice for industrial setup. 




As epoxy grout is a highly versatile tile joint filler, it is preferred by homeowners as well as architects for their projects. So, it is definitely worth the hype. You can check out Roff Rainbow Tile Mate Epoxy Grout and Roff Starlike on our product pages. To know more about, tile fillers and their application, get in touch with us.