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Marble Stone Adhesive

Stone and Marble Installation: What you need to know

Stones and marbles are known to be some of the most elegant and classy installations that have the power to elevate a space. Over the years, they have been considered a royal and premium material to add to any residential or commercial project. However, modern stone and marble installations require special attention to ensure they are properly fixed to the surface without any hassle.

Compatibility of Adhesive with Marble and Stone

The texture, shape, size, and colour of every stone and marble make them unique and standout. However, using the right tile adhesive meant to be used on marble and stones is important to ensure proper installation. The adhesive should be compatible with the stone so that it does not cause discoloration and detachment. Roff has a dedicated range of adhesives that are some of the best on the market for stone and marble fixing. Roff Vitrofix Ultra and

Roff Extrofix Ultra are the two preferred products for stone fixing. These polymer modified products are phenomenal to get ultra finish on the surface.

Weight of the Stone

Stones are usually on the heavier side, which gives them a classy and polished look but makes them a tricky material to use in a project. Many architects and developers like using marble and stones because of the regal look that these materials bring to the table. It is very important to access the area where you are aiming for stone installation. Make sure to provide proper support and reinforcement so that structural integrity is not affected.

High Porosity Material

Stones and marbles are high-porosity materials that are not very good at water and moisture retention. So, it is important to choose the right sealant and adhesive that help manage these challenges that come with stone and marble installations.

Many architects and builders connect with Roff to get the right stone installation solution in terms of tile adhesives for marbles and stones. Our experts guide them and suggest the right product that works for their requirements.

Right Installation Tools


It is important to know that stone and marble installations require specialised tools and techniques. You can check out the Roff Applications category page to learn more about the tools that can help in the seamless application of stones. These tools come in handy when you are applying tile adhesive to the marbles. Besides this, the technique and expertise of the technician play a huge role in ensuring proper stone fixing.


If you take care of certain things, the stone and marble installations can be a worthwhile investment. It is a great addition to any project that gives long lasting results. Make sure to use the right products such as Roff Vitrofix Ultra and Roff Extrofix Ultra for their installation to ensure the longevity and
beauty of the material.