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Pidilite unveils Roff Sparkles

~ A Sparkling additive for Roff RTM Epoxy grout – an Epoxy-based tile joint filler, to add to the beauty of the tile joints ~

Tiles Joint Filler

Pidilite Industries Ltd, one of the leading companies in construction chemicals, unveiled its latest innovative offering, Roff Sparkles, an additive for Roff RTM Epoxy, which is an epoxy-based tile joint filler. Roff RTM Epoxy grout is a three component tile joint filler that is available in a wide range of shades to match or contrast your tiles and is highly tough and long-lasting. Roff Sparkles is a specially designed additive that is available in three sparkling shades of Gold, Silver, and Copper. Once added to Roff RTM Epoxy shade, it will add a glittering effect to the tile joint and further enhance the aesthetic beauty of the house. One can now add Gold, Silver, or Copper Roff Sparkles to any of the wide range of shades of Roff RTM epoxy to create a unique sparkling shade. 


Roff Sparkles with Roff RTM Epoxy can be used as a tile joint filler with any kind of tiles such as ceramic, vitrified, etc. It can be used in homes, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, and shopping malls to give an exceptional sparkling effect. Owing to the excellent waterproof and chemical resistant properties of Roff RTM Epoxy it is a very good option for bathrooms, swimming pools, water fountains, and other wet areas too.  


A spokesperson for the authorized dealers said, “We are delighted to launch Roff Sparkles, the latest product offering from Roff. We have always believed in consistently providing new products to our customers and Roff Sparkle is an endeavor in the same direction. It is an extension of our unique range of Roff products, that is into tile and stone fixing solutions. The product will add a sparkling finish to tile joints and enhance the beauty of the house.” 


Roff Sparkles is priced at Rs.550, for 100gm bottle and is available in three colour options of Gold, Silver, and Copper. It will be available at all leading Roff retailers. Approximately 5% of Roff Sparkles is to be added to Roff RTM Epoxy.