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White Marble Cleaning Liquid

A Comprehensive Guide to Clean Your Marble Floors

Marble floors look elegant and enhance the aesthetic quotient of any space. However, it is important to keep your marble installation clean and shiny to retain its natural look for years to come. If you know the right way to clean this opulent material, your home will always look chic and sophisticated. If you want to know how to take care of your valuable marble investment using a cleaning liquid then keep on reading:

Avoid Dust Accumulation: Sweep it Away

A well-ventilated home will always attract dust particles that accumulate on your marble floorings but that’s not a problem if you take a few minutes in your day to sweep it away after spraying floor cleaner liquid.

Treat Stains Immediately

The more quickly you remove it, the less effort it needs. If you do not want to deal with stubborn stains then cleaning them right away is the best way to maintain your marble top, especially the white marble family. Make sure to use the right cleaning liquid on white marbles that do not stain the surface and maintain its charm. Use Tenax Brio Top which is one of the best cleaner liquids for marble to spray on the surface and clean the surface to remove the stains before it percolates in. It does not leave halos and dries quickly.

Use Quick Drying Liquid to Clean

Tenax Brio Top is a ready-to-use liquid with a quick-drying formula that makes cleaning easy and fun. You do not have to wait hours to let the surface dry. Just give a couple of minutes to let the surface air dry and you can go back to your regular chores. For inorganic dirts like mineral deposits and rust, Tenax Bravo Disincrostante is recommended due to its acidic properties. Typically it is used post laying of the stones. For household dirt like oil, fats, soap etc, It is recommended to use an alkaline based Tenax Bravo Sgrassatore. Pleae refer to the website for further details.

Avoid Scratches on the Surface

Use suitable products to avoid scratches on the marble flooring. This helps in maintaining the marble for a long time without compromising on its shine and elegance. Using a surface sealant is one of the best investments apart from

Best Floor Cleaner Liquid For Marble

marble cleaning liquid to ensure its longevity and aesthetic quotient.

Roff’s Tenax cleaners are formulated to be used on marble surfaces for everyday use and for removing critical dirts. It does not leave any haze after use which is an added advantage. You can check out this products on our product category page.