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Adhesive Floor Tiles

Why Tile Adhesives are a Superior Choice for Fixing Tiles?

Traditionally, cement was used for tile installation in domestic and commercial areas. Over the years, brands have come up with superior and better quality products for achieving better finish and durability in tile installation. Roff tile adhesives are formulated for installing tiles on floors and walls, overcoming the modern challenges of tile fixing.

Common Challenges of Tile Fixing

Uneven Surface

Many times the surface where the tiles need to be fixed is uneven which makes it very difficult to fix the tiles seamlessly in a linear manner. It affects the alignment and stability of the tiles which can lead to higher chances of tile breakage in the future if the tile installation is not properly done.

Tile Cutting

Modern-day homes have many artistic corners and bends that require proper finish while tile fixing. Cutting the tiles and installing them perfectly is a daunting task that must be achieved to give a seamless look to the surface.

Moisture Build Up

Many tiled installations get ruined because of the moisture built up inside the surface. Using a strong adhesion is important so that the tiles can strongly bond with the surface.

Repair and Maintenance

It is inevitable that some areas of the tiled area may get damaged with prolonged use over the years. Tiled floors get high foot traffic that can lead to such repair or replacement work. Right adhesion product is required to fix the tile in a way so that it does not damage adjacent tiles during replacement.

How does Roff Tile Adhesive Help in Overcoming Modern-Day Tile Fixing Challenges?

  • Roff tile adhesive is one of the best products in the market as it has high bond strength. It results in forming a better bond with the surface and giving a finished look.
  • It helps in keeping the tiles leveled as it does not crack or shrink over time.
  • It leaves no air gaps while installation so it does not leave a hollow sound.
  • The tile adhesive for floors and walls does not dry up quickly so it gives ample time for tile cutting and fixing.
  • Roff tile adhesives are self-cured so it does not get affected by external climatic conditions.


Roff tile adhesives are designed for different types of tiles. Get in touch with us to know more about its application.

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