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Tile Cleaner Liquid

Specialized Tile Cleaners vs. Regular Cleaners: What Works Best?

When it comes to maintaining the expensive tile installation in your house, the dilemma often arises in choosing between a specialized tile cleaner liquid and a regular cleaner. This topic has been debated for decades. However, with a number of many high-quality cleaners specifically designed for all kinds of tiles, we see an end to this conversation. Let’s explore how a specialized tile cleaner emerges as the clear winner when it comes to tile maintenance:


Specialized tile cleaners, such as Roff Cera Tile Cleaner, are formulated to address any type of tile stain, be it mild or tough. These degreasing solutions boast a rapid-action formula that works wonders for all kinds of tiles. Whether dealing with stubborn stains, grime, grease, or spots, a specialized tile cleaner effortlessly cleans tiles. Incorporating it into your regular
cleaning routine ensures optimal results. On the other hand, regular cleaners often lack the specific chemical composition required for effective tile cleaning.

Grout Maintenance

Tile installation involves laying tiles and filling the gaps with grouting material. Maintaining both tiles and grout is crucial for preserving the chic look of the surface. A specialized tile cleaner is highly effective in keeping both tiles and grouted surfaces in good condition. It easily eliminates the yellowish or black layer that may form on grout over time. If you follow the application instructions for a specialized floor tile cleaner results in a shiny, clean surface. It prevents unsightly discoloration of tiles and grout. Regular cleaners may not provide the same level of grout care that results in gradual deterioration of tiles.

Protection Against Damage

Tiles are made from diverse materials like ceramic, porcelain, ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, which requires specific care. Specialized tile cleaners are formulated to be suitable for all kinds of tiles, which ensures effective cleaning without causing damage. On the other hand, regular cleaners might contain harsh chemicals that can damage the surface or impact its
natural look.

Not Harmful for Humans

Many regular tile cleaners consist of chemical compositions that may be harmful to humans. Roff Cera Cleaner has a clean formulation without any harmful substances, making it suitable for use in common areas of the house where children, adults, and the elderly reside. It does not cause any harm to humans, making it a better choice for your tile cleaning routine.

High Stain Removal Capability


Roff Cera Tile Cleaner


Tiles in high-traffic areas are prone to spills like coffee or curry that can impact their appearance. A specialized tile cleaner like Roff Cera Clean is excellent at removing stains effectively as it has high-performance formulation. One product can handle various types of stains, which offers versatility depending on the degree of dirt or grime on the surface. Regular cleaners is often designed for broader applications. They may not deliver the same level of stain removal power.

Worthy Investment

Investing in specialized tile cleaners is a commitment to the aesthetics of your tiles in the long run. These cleaners contribute to prevents long-term damage, which ensures your tiles stay vibrant and durable. While regular cleaners may be suitable for routine cleaning in other parts of the house, they lack the power for long-term care of tiled installations.


Roff Cera Tile Cleaner is one of the best tile cleaners in the market that is suitable for internal or external application. You can use it in a variety of ways to get best results.

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