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Different Tile Adhesives

Different tile adhesives for varying types of tiles and stones and area of application

Are you aware of the various adhesives for different materials? Did you know why these adhesives have replaced the conventional cement-sand mortar? Gone are the days where the final flooring material was installed on merely cement-sand mortar as the bedding layer. The use of these adhesives for tiles creates a strong bond between the flooring tiles and the substrate, resulting in improved quality and durability.
Tiles are most often used as a flooring material since they are extremely resilient and inexpensive. Tile fixing adhesive by Roff works like a glue that is used to install or fix tiles.
Cement hasn’t evolved in the past few years, to meet the new-age needs for construction. On the contrary, Roff provides a diverse set of products for all the modern tile and stone fixing challenges. Let’s first understand what some of the new-age trends are. Earlier small ceramic tiles were installed which have now been replaced by large vitrified tiles. In place of natural stones, composite stones are preferred as kitchen counters. External wall cladding at heights is becoming commonplace these days whereas such installations were rare in the past. There was a single substrate earlier which as cement which is now evolving into other types like that of gypsum board, metal and cement sheets, plywood, tiles etc. Tiles and stones are now being fixed in vibration areas like lift lobbies and door and window frames which was not the case earlier. Last but not the least, tile installations are also expected to provide a leak-free surface with epoxy joint filling which is critical in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.
Hence, technologically advanced tile and stone fixing solutions are required to realize the modern designs.

Roff has a wide range of products that cater to each of these needs. The adhesives are polymer modified and have superior qualities compared to cement and can be used to install in different application areas. For e.g. Roff Non-Skid Adhesive is used for tile-on-tile application. While Roff Extrofix Adhesive is used for external applications at < 10ft, Roff Powerflex Adhesive can be used for external applications at any height. Roff Masterfix Adhesive is used for installing types on diverse substrates like metal, plywood, drywalls etc.

In short, the Roff range of products is a one stop solution for all your tile and stone fixing requirements.