Roff Master-Fix Adhesive

Roff Master Fix Adhesive

Roff Master Fix Adhesive is a high-strength polyurethane epoxy-based adhesive used to fix a wide range of materials such as metal, plywood, cement boards, and engineered stones. This adhesive is formulated for specialized application on a highly-flexible and diverse range of substrates for fixing tiles and stones. Its unique hybrid technology of PU-Epoxy makes it the best in class in the market. The ultimate adhesive to fix anything on anything.

Packaging Units- 4 KG

Packaging Type- Resin & Hardner

Colours- White

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Features and Advantages

  • This is a two-component product that is easy to use. You can just mix and use it on-site.
  • It has water, temperature, and shock-resistant properties that make it suitable for use in diverse external conditions.
  • It can be used on large format tile applications as it has a long open time.
  • Roff Master-Fix Adhesive is fit for use on high vibrational areas as it is a highly flexible adhesive.
  • Being chemical resistant, this adhesive is an excellent choice for fixing various types of materials such as metal, plywood, and engineered stones in commercial and domestic applications.
  • It is a low-VOC product which means it is not harmful to the environment.
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Roff Master-Fix Adhesive - APPLICATION-2

Application Area

  • Material to fix: Roff Master-Fix Adhesive can be used on all types of material including glass mosaic tiles, plywood, metal, artificial/ nano/ engineered stones, and large thin tiles as a fixing solution.
  • Surface/Substrate: The product is suitable for Cement-based surfaces, metal surfaces, Epoxy/PU-based substrates, drywall surfaces, existing tiles & stones, plywood, mdf & wood derivative, rubber, PVC, glass, etc.
  • Application: Area of application of Roff Master-Fix Adhesive is floor and walls, internal & external area, window/ door frame, vibrational area, kitchens, balconies, flat roofs, domes, terraces, domestic applications, commercial applications, and industrial applications.

Things to Consider

  • Do not use Roff Master-Fix Adhesive on damp surfaces or where there is a risk of rising damp.
  • This product is not meant for use on transparent glass material.
  • Using the recommended quantity of part A and Part B (Provided in a ready-to-mix bucket) will help in getting desired results. If the ratio is incorrect, it may lead to the hardening of the product.
  • Grouting of tile should only be carried out after a day of application of tile so that adequate time is provided for it to dry properly.
  • Roff Master-Fix Adhesive is available in a 4 kg packet in the market that is economically priced.

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Roff Masterfix Adhesive

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Frequently Asked Questions

How thick can tile adhesive be applied?
The thickness of the tile adhesive depends on the surface and the size of the tiles. It is recommended to apply a uniform layer of tile adhesive on the back of the tile and ensure there is no void. If you are using tile adhesive on small tiles, apply a uniform layer to fix the tile to the surface. You can butter some additional tile adhesive for big tiles and irregular surfaces to ensure proper tile adhesive contact. You can use Roff Master Fix Tile Adhesive for fixing diverse surfaces. Using a 3 mm notch on both the substrate and the tile/stone is recommended.
What is the ratio of water to Masterfix tile adhesive?
Roff Master Fix Adhesive comes in a ready-to-mix bucket with two components. You do not need to add water to this mixture as any alteration can lead to incorrect consistency of product and you won’t get good results. Check out our website to know more about mixing and preparation of Roff Master Fix Adhesive for application on diverse surfaces.

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