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Large Adhesive Floor Tiles

Tile size trends getting bigger & bigger!

The bigger, the better, seems to be the case for tiles, both ceramic and vitrified. Larger format tiles continue to steal the spotlight.

However, the opposite is true for tile thickness. It is mimicking the smart phone industry with every version getting thinner than the earlier one.

Designs could be many, like the wooden look, marble look, natural stone look, concrete look or the metallic look, the sizes of the tiles are getting larger day by day.

Large formats are impressive right at the first glance. They make the room look larger with reduced tile joints and give the room a more spacious feel, especially if the colour is light, thus offering a minimalist, classy appearance to the interior.

Even manufacturers are driving the concept of wider and larger formats. This trend will soon become a classic staple and is likely to last the test of time.

Flooring plays a major role in shaping the aesthetics of one’s home and keeping up with the latest trends is important for a contemporary interior setting. Roff provides the perfect range to accommodate this need. Roff Vitrofix Adesive (VFA) and Roff Tile Mate Epoxy Grout is the perfect pair to help in laying large format tiles.

This duo has satisfied customers across the country and is bound to impress anyone with its ease of application and range of colours.