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External Stone Cladding Adhesive

External elevation trends

In recent times, decorative external elevation using stones and tiles for homes is a trend that’s picking up fast. The external elevation adds to the grandeur and elegance of the structure and homeowners are increasingly opting for it. No matter how beautifully the interior is designed, the elevation remains the first point of expression of style and standard of any home. Not only should a facade speak of the overall design language of the house, it should be visually appealing, protective, durable, and easy to care for.


There are a number of attractive and impressive options available in the market that can add beauty and style to one’s home exterior.


One of the most popular options for external elevations is stones. Designers have used natural stones such as sandstone, travertine and granite on home exteriors both structurally and in drywall forms. It is not only an eco-friendly alternative to many engineered elevation solutions, but sealed stone makes for strong and everlasting exteriors for years to come.


Exterior Cladding Adhesive

The distinction of natural stone is that it can be used on both modern and traditional home exteriors.

For a sleeker look, one can opt for surface-treated, high-polish marble and granite slabs as well. Their satiny surfaces and organic grain can turn any plain elevation into something distinctive and gorgeous. It is always recommended that one uses stones which are native to an area and easily available. Granite and marble slabs come in a variety of shades, are eco-friendly and highly durable. They not only instill an ageless appeal, but also extend the life of the structure significantly.

Similar to wood and brick facades, stone facades can be replicated with the use of tiles and sheets made of engineered composite materials.

One challenge to which external cladding is exposed is weatherability. Due to changing weathers of cold, hot, and rain, it experiences a high degree of contraction and expansion often leading to breakage of bond. This issue threatens to spoil the beautiful cladded house.

Roff has specifically designed product offerings for external cladding which comply to European standards and the new IS standards. Roff external cladding adhesives have been appreciated by a lot of architects and consumers and they have been used at several landmark sites.