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Grout Bathroom Tile

Leakfree bathrooms

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of leak free bathrooms. Leaking bathrooms cause bad odour, causes wall paint to flake off and aids fungus growth. These issues spread to different areas in the house too as water spreads slowly.

Some of the reasons for leaking bathrooms are absence or grouting or poor quality grouting solutions, lack of water-proofing layer and improper fixing of tiles.

Fortunately, all these causes have effective solutions which ensure prevention rather than cure at a later stage which might be a much more expensive affair.

Firstly, using Roff waterproof coatings before laying tiles will provide a waterproofing layer thereby ensuring basic protection from water seeping into the slab. One must ensure that this layer is provided to upto 4 ft height on the walls for effective waterproofing.


Next step is to use right Roff Tile Adhesive depending on the tile size and surface. Quality Tile Adhesive ensures proper adhesion ensuring durability to the flooring.

Lastly while laying tiles it’s important to leave gaps for grout filling. If gaps are not left, the paper joints between tiles will definitely allow the water to seep in thereby increasing chances of a leaking bathroom. In the gaps left, Roff specialized grout can be filled which will make the joints crack-free, stain-free and waterproof. It is available in various shades ensuring a bathroom that is both leakfree and aesthetically appealing.