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A Beginners Guide to Remove & Replace Grout from Tiles

Tiles are known to add attractiveness and charm to any living space. It is one of the most common materials used in most Indian homes due to its practicality and aesthetic appeal. The space between the tiles is filled with cementious grout, which has high probablity of getting dirty and mouldy if left uncared. In some cases, grouts can also get cracks in between. The best thing to do to freshen up the look of the tiled surface is to remove the grout with a grout-cutting tool and apply a fresh layer of grout with the help of application tools. It is not as complicated as it sounds and the best part is you don’t need to pull out the tiles to replace the grout.

Can the Grouted Gaps be Salvaged?


Before taking the decision to replace the grout, take a closer look at the grout and see if it can be cleaned using cleaning liquid. Roff offers Roff Cera Clean, a high-performance tile cleaner that is highly effective in removing stubborn moulds and stains on tiles and grouted areas. If cleaning does not work then probably it’s time to replace the existing grout and fill in new grout in the tile gaps.

How to Remove Old Grout without Power Tools?

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Roff grout cutter is an ideal tool that is highly effective in cutting and cleaning the gaps between the tiles. It is a modern application tool that is used for grout cutting as it is easy to hold and reduces the chances of tile damage. It allows you to remove the grout and dirt without using any power tool, making it one of the best grout removal tools on the market.


Replacing the Grout

  • Once the gaps between the tiles are properly cleaned, a fresh batch of grout is applied between the tiles to fill up the gaps. One of the best grout to be used for joint filling is Roff Starlike that is high performance 2K joint filler and lasts for a long time after application. You can choose application tools from the wide range of modern application tools offered by Roff. Roff Grout Floater is used to mix and apply the grout between the tiles. Fill in the joints properly and clean any extra material to give it a clean and sophisticated look.

    Leave the surface to dry properly and avoid any foot traffic till it is completely dry. You can find Roff Grout Cutter and other application tools on the Roff website. For more information, refer to our product page.