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Roff Grout Cutter

Roff grout cutter is one of the most useful tile grouting tools. It is used for cutting and cleaning the gap between tiles before grouting. This tool has an angled shape that gives professionals convenience in using it as a tile joint cleaner and tile grout cutter. Usually, this grout-cutting tool comes in handy when you want to revamp the look of a floor or wall. You can simply remove the old grout from the grout cutter, clean the joints, and apply a fresh grouting material to refresh the surface. It is a very important tool, as it reduces the chances of tile damage while removing grout. A good replacement for power tools in removing dirt and grout from tile joints, the Roff grout cutter is very popular in home improvement as well as commercial projects.

Packaging Type- Tool

      Features and Advantages

      • Convenient to hold: Roff grout cutter is specifically designed for grout cutting and cleaning. It has an angular structure that makes it easy to hold and clean a specific grouted surface. The long green handle gives a strong grip while removing old grout.
      • Effective gap cleaning: Removing old grout from tile joints can be tricky if not done right. Using a grout cutter gives you the ability to clean the gap effectively and refill it with new grouting material.
      • Reduce tile damage: Tile installation can cost a lot depending on its material, look, and quality. If the grouted surface looks old and shabby, that is beyond repair. You should always remove the old grout with a grout cutter and fill in new grouting material to give the surface a new look. Using a grout cutting tool, the chances of adjacent tiles getting damaged are fairly minimised.
      Roff Grout Cutter_ Cleaner Application

      Application Area

      • Surfaced to be cleaned: Use Roff grout cutters on all types of grouted tiles and stones, such as vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, terracotta, brick, and large format tiles.
      • Substrate/ Surface: It can be used on cement-based screeds, cement-based plasters, concrete surfaces, bricks, and other cement-based surfaces.
      • Area of application: Roff grout cutters can be used for tile grout cutting and cleaning on floors and walls in internal as well as external areas. It is suitable for use in domestic applications, commercial applications, and dry and wet areas.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do you clean the gap between tiles?
      Roff Grout Cutter is a modern application tool that is used to clean the gaps between tiles before grouting. The space between tiles gets cleared before grouting with either cement-based or epoxy based fillers. It imparts clean tile lines that beautify the entire tiled surface.

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