Rubber Mallet Product

Rubber Mallet

A rubber mallet is a barrel-shaped hammer that is used for tile installation. The tool is widely used by professionals to spread the adhesive uniformly and to level the tiles on the surface, ensuring no damage or breakage. This T-shaped tool has a white rubber end that gently touches the tiles ensuring there is damage during the tile installation process. Roff rubber mallet is designed with the best quality material, which is durable and leaves no marks on the tiles and stones surfaces. The application tool has a strong grip, which makes the process of even distribution of adhesion easy and quick.

Packaging Type- Application Tool

      Features and Advantages

      • Proper tile adhesion: When a professional carries out the tile installation process, they need to ensure proper adhesion at the back of the tiles so that it gets fixed to the substrate and creates a strong bond. A rubber mallet is a light-weight hammer that helps them ensure there are no irregularities or poor adhesion on the surface. Uneven finishes often lead to tile breakage in the future, which can ruin the aesthetics and functionality of the space.
      • Proper Levelling: A well-placed tile installation transforms the look of the space. For it to be successful, you need proper tile levelling. A Roff rubber mallet comes in handy to ensure an even tile surface. It is used to avoid lippage and tile debonding.
      • Avoid marks on tiles: Roff Rubber Mallet is an intelligently designed tool that has rubber material. It ensures that when the tool is used on tiles, it does not leave any marks or cause any breakage. Since tile installation is a delicate process, using an application tool like a rubber mallet is essential to making sure its look is not spoiled in residential or commercial places.
      • Light Weight: Roff rubber mallet is a light-weight application tool suitable for the application of tiles in large as well as small areas. This application tool’s light weight ensures that one does not accidentally break or damage the tile during installation.
      Rubber Mallet Application

      Application Area

      • Material to be fixed: Roff rubber mallets can be used on various types of tiles and stones, such as vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, and natural and artificial stones.
      • Area of application: The areas of application can be internal and external. You can use it on walls and floor tile applications in commercial as well as domestic areas.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do you level uneven tiles?
      Roff Rubber Mallet is the ideal application tool to level uneven tiles during application time of the adhesive. It levels the tiles without any breakage and spreads the adhesive properly on the entire tile surface.
      Which is the best hammer for tiling?
      Roff Rubber Mallet is ideal for leveling tiles during application. This application tool is designed to apply the right amount of pressure on the tiles so they do not break or get damaged.

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