Notch Trowel Product

Notch Trowel

Roff Notch Trowel is an application tool that is used to spread tile and stone adhesives at the time of tile fixing. This application tool is manufactured with top-quality material and advanced techniques to make it highly useful in evenly spreading tile adhesives during tile installation. This is why Roff’s notch trowel, made of stainless steel, is one of the most preferred application tools on the market. Roff’s Notch trowel comes in different sizes, namely, v-notch (3mm), square notch (6 mm), and U-notch (12 mm). Each of these notch trowels is used for different types of tile applications. As a thumb rule, the wider the tiles, the deeper the notch trowel used in their fixing. Notches in trowels have a crucial role in the tile-setting compound that is spread on the substrate. Usually, v-notch trowels are used for small tiles and even substrates, whereas square and u-notch trowels are versatile and used on a variety of tile sizes and applications.

Packaging Units- V Notch - 3 mm
Square Notch - 6 mm
U Notch - 12 mm

Packaging Type- Tool

      Features and Advantages

      • Easy to apply: A notched trowel takes out a thin set of tile adhesive to spread it over the substrate. The trowel has defined notches on the sides that help create an even base for the tile to sit perfectly on the substrate.
      • Proper levelling: The notches that are either square, V-shaped, or U-shaped create a level surface so that tiles are properly aligned. The application tool ensures that extra adhesive does not sit on the surface, which gives professional-looking tiled walls and floors.
      • Full coverage with better bonding: coverage is very important if you want to achieve better bonding between the substrate and tiles. A notched trowel creates an even surface where the tiles are placed to form a strong bond with the substrate.
      • Less time consumption and faster work: Professionals use a notch trowel tool to speed up the tile fixing process. This tool helps in getting a professional tile application in less time and eases the application work.
      Notch Trowel Application

      Application Area

      • Surface on which it is used: Use it on all types of ceramic tiles: glazed tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, fully vitrified tiles, natural stones*, large format tiles, glass mosaic tiles, composite stones, and engineered stones.
      • Area of application: It can be used on floors and walls in internal and external areas, in domestic as well as commercial applications.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What size tile adhesive trowel do I need?
      The size of the tile adhesive trowel depends on the bed thickness. This in turn depends on the size of tile or stone, substrate evenness, plumb etc. Roff has 3 different notch trowels for you: Notch - 3 mm, Square Notch - 6 mm ,U Notch - 10 mm.
      Can I tile without a notched trowel?
      While using thin-set adhesives to fix tiles and stones, a notched trowel plays a vital role. If you use notch trowel while using thin-set adhesives you can avoid issues, such as hollow sounds, cracks, chipping of tiles, tenting of tiles, lippage and de-bonding of tiles. The use of a notched trowel will remove the air pockets under the tile which is the root cause for all the tiles de-bonding. So, It is recommended to use a notch trowel at the time of tile application.

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