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How to Fix Broken tile

How to Manage Cracked Tile Joints?

Tile floors enhance the aesthetic value of your property, and thus they are a wonderful addition to any home. No matter the quality of tiles, these materials are susceptible to cracking. A floor tile may get dirty and shatter owing to improper care, installation flaws, significant temperature changes, too much stress, or something as easy as dumping heavy items in the wrong place. Fortunately, these issues can be tackled using waterproof epoxy tile joint filler.


The blog post addresses the most common query of , ‘how to repair tile cracks or deal with dirty tiles?’ As the process is complex and requires expertise to execute the job precisely, homeowners need to involve highly qualified tile contractors. Now, let’s check out the steps:


Step One: Remove the Cracked Tiles Carefully

Removing cracked tiles without disturbing or cracking other tiles is the first step of the process. Once the contractor removes the cracked and loose tiles, the next thing they will do is remove the below adhesive completely to fix the tiles with a high-strength tile adhesive. Roff has a wide variety of adhesives to choose from depending on the type of tile and application.

Step Two: Clean the Surface Properly

Remove any debris, dust, or oil properly. While a minor quantity of dust will not reduce the efficiency of adhesive, it is preferable to have a clean surface to get optimal results.


To clean the floor, you can use a combination of dish soap and water or rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. Before continuing, ensure that the floor is totally dry so that the product can adhere. To absorb excess moisture, clean the area with a microfibre cloth or paper towel.

Step Three: Prepare the Mixture by Reading the Product’s Label

Read the instructions carefully on the pack of the product to form the mixture for application. A two-part epoxy product contains a resin and hardener to form an adhesive paste that can hold two tile pieces together. Mix the filler to the paste and make it homogenous before application on the floor. In case you aim for decorative tile joints, you can use admixtures for epoxy grout for sparkling joints.

Step Four: Apply the Product and Let It Cure

Tile Gap Filler

Once you have prepared the paste, apply the same using the grout floater. Fill and press the grout firmly into the gaps. Make sure to fill the joints properly and completely, and not just let the grout sit on the top. Clean off the extra grout for better finishing within the time frame of 30-45 minutes. Don’t let the product dry. Otherwise, it would be tough to remove and obtain good finishing.

How Roff Can Help?

Roff Rainbow Tile Mate Epoxy

For dirty and cracked tile joints, Roff recommends using Roff Rainbow Tile Mate Epoxy Grout and Roff Sparkles. Besides, we offer a wide range of products, ranging from tile and stone adhesives to application tools and under-tile waterproofing.

For instance, if you are looking for under-tile waterproof coating in bathrooms, balconies, and kitchens to keep moisture-related issues at bay and ensure proper bonding, we recommend you check out our Roff Hyguard Ex product.


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