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Adhesive Floor Tiles

Tile colour trends for contemporary homes

What are some of the latest tile trends in terms of looks and colour? We delve right in!


Adhesive Tile Floor


In terms of looks, the trendiest right now is the wooden flooring look. With the latest ink jet technology in place, different authentic looking wood designs can be created which make your home look warm, cosy and expensive, all at the same time.


Tile Adhesive For Marble

Another popular look is that of marble. Marbles have been in style since decades and will continue to be in trend. Marble, however, has the downside of being more expensive. This is where latest tiling designs give the exact marble look at a fraction of the cost. Homes will never be out of style as long as it has marble designed flooring.

Tiling Adhesive


Metallic look is another trendy design coming up. These are used in bathroom floors and accent walls. Latest technology has created looks which were previously impossible to create.


Wall Tiles Fitting

In terms of colours, one of the most popular choices is grey. Grey is not only preferred for flooring these days, it’s also preferred for windows, cabinets etc. The blonde wooden colour is another popular choice which will be in style forever. White colour makes the room look larger and also adds to the natural light that will fall in the room.

While colour of tiles go a long way in defining a room, it’s important to use quality adhesive to ensure that the flooring is durable. Roff has a range of adhesives to ensure just that. From ceramic tiles to large format tiles, from flooring to wall mounting at height and from cement plaster to plywood substrate, Roff has it all.