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An Insight into the Tiles Cleaning Banner

Understanding the Importance of Using Tiles Cleaning Liquid

Tiles are one of the largest visible surfaces at your homes after the walls. Hence a neat and clean tile is very important for the aesthetics of the house. It is the most used surface of the house and is cleaned almost every day using some or the other tile cleaning solutions.

After all, a nice floor and clean bathroom tiles not only leave a great impression on the minds of your guests and visitors but also play an important role in maintaining a healthy environment for the inhabitants of the place. We might not judge a book by its cover, but judge a house based on how neat it is.

Before getting into the details of how tiles cleaning liquids can help you keep your tiles clean and tidy, let’s check out the importance of tiles cleaning first.

Importance of Tiles Cleaning​

These points pretty much summarise the significance of tile cleaning:

– Extends the life and sheen of your tiles

– Decreases the risk of accidents due to slipperiness on the surface

– Helps keep various health risks at bay

– Saves money in the long run

Now, let’s learn about tiles cleaning liquids.

What are Tiles Cleaning Liquids?

Tiles cleaner chemicals/liquids are slightly acidic, specialised water-based solutions that ensure deep cleaning of various surfaces. Although these are slightly acidic in nature, they are not harmful like acid.

These cleaning solutions are easy to apply. All you need to do is diluted them with water before applying them to the surface to be cleaned. These remove dirt, water stains, and old & stubborn residues to restore the original sheen and appearance of the tiles.

Best Floor Cleaner Liquid

Today, the market is inundated with a wide range of tiles cleaners, right from specialised bathroom tiles cleaning liquid to floor tiles cleaning liquid, which makes it highly difficult for homeowners to pick the best floor cleaner liquid for their homes.

Roff Ceraclean Product

Roff, a part of Pidilite Industries, India’s leading adhesives company brings you an all-rounder product, Cera Clean Tile Cleaner. This product is a high-performance tile cleaner that can be used for external and internal walls and floors.

A Quick Overview of Roff Cera Clean Tile Cleaner

This Roff tile cleaner is a highly effective stain cleaner for porcelain tiles, glass mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, asbestos, and more. It is a rapid action tile and ceramic cleaner that has the following benefits and features:

– Easy to use and apply – simply dilute the solution in the water and apply it to the surface

– Quick & effective – removes tough stains effortlessly

– Degreases the surface of the tiles

– Highly versatile – suitable for a wide range of tiles

– Helps retain the colour and shine of the tiles

– Does not cause any damage to the joints of tiles, even if they are grouted with coloured products

Apart from these, you may need to conduct a corner test before using this product for the cleaning of granite, marble stone flooring, coloured concrete, etc. In case you notice discolouration after application in 24 hours, do not use it.

Having said that, it is always advisable to trial Ceraclean on one corner of the surface, especially stones before using it to cover the entire floor or wall. Incase of any issues, immediately call us at 1800 2255 02 or write us at Our customer care will assist you and assign a site visit if required.

For more details like application instructions, precautions, coverage, and packaging, check out the product page of Roff Cera Clean.