Roff Grout Floater Product
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Roff Grout Floater

Roff grout floater is an application tool that is used for applying grout between tile joints. Professionals use this tool to effectively push the tile grout into the joints. The Roff grout floater is made up of a pliable pad that touches the surface and pushes the grouting material between joints. This tile grout applicator tool comes in small and large packaging units that allow you to work on different sections of the surface. It ensures that you easily reach edges and corners of the tiled surface easily to apply grout from small grout floater whereas you can use big grout floater on larger sections of the surface. It is a very essential tool for filling the gaps uniformly and reducing the chances of displacing the tiles.

Packaging Units- Small / Big

Packaging Type- Tool

      Features and Advantages

      • Scratch-Free Application: The Roff grout floater is an intelligently designed application tool that does not leave any scratches or marks on the surface. It has a flat pad that touches the surface, which does not leave any harsh marks on your precious tiles.
      • Less material waste: The Roff grout floater helps you apply the right quantity of grouting material between the tile gaps. It ensures less material wastage without leaving any void or irregularity in the grout filling. Any excess material is wiped off and cleaned easily.
      • Easy Grouting on Glass Mosaic: Roff grout floaters have a strong grip and do not slip on application on different types of surfaces. This makes it a perfect choice to use on glass mosaics.
      Roff Grout Floater Application 1
      Roff Grout Floater Application 2

      Application Area

      • Surfaced to be cleaned: Use Roff grout floaters for grouting gaps between all types of grouted tiles and stones, such as vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, terracotta, brick, and large format tiles.
      • Substrate/ Surface: It can be used on cement-based screeds, cement-based plasters, concrete surfaces, bricks, and other cement-based surfaces.
      • Area of application: Roff grout floaters can be used on floors and walls in internal as well as external areas. It is suitable for use in domestic applications, commercial applications, and dry and wet areas.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is a grout floater?
      Grout floater is a modern application tool that is used for tile grout application between tiles. You can buy a Roff grout floater for tile grout application.
      What is the best grout floater to use?
      Roff grout floater is the best one in the market. It comes in small and big packaging units.
      Is a grout float necessary?
      Yes, grout float is necessary for the precise application of grout between the tiles. It ensures that the product is uniformly applied between the tile gaps.
      Are there different types of grout floats?
      Roff grout floater comes in both sizes. Bigger floaters are predominantly used for swimming pool applications, and smaller ones are used for regular epoxy applications.

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