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Roff Extrofix Adhesive

Roff Extrofix Adhesive is a highly polymer-modified glue used to fix all types of tiles, ceramics, marble, and natural stones on external and internal surfaces. It is predominantly used as tile/ natural stone/ ceramic adhesive for external walls and floors. This low-VOC glue is ideal for fixing regular-size tiles in wet as well as dry surfaces in commercial areas. Roff Extrofix Adhesive gives high adhesion and ensures that the tile is glued to the concrete. You can use this product for fixing purposes in commercial and domestic areas. The product is also formulated to act as a superior bonding agent and absorbs external shocks in high-traffic areas.

Packaging Units- 20 KG

Packaging Type- Powder

Colours- Grey / White

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Features and Advantages

  • It is highly convenient to use this product. The mixture can be easily prepared on the site by adding the required amount of water. The mixture is applied in small sections to achieve precision while fixing the tiles.
  • It is used for adhesion on external surfaces as it has a long open time. This product can fix tile/ natural stone/ marble/ ceramic in outdoor areas. It is extremely suitable for larger formats.
  • It is a highly polymer-modified glue that forms a strong bond with the substrate at the time of application.
  • It can sustain minor vibration on the surface as it is a flexible adhesive.
  • Roff Extrofix Adhesive is shock and water-resistant making it suitable for application on wet surfaces. This adhesive can withstand heat ageing, making it fit for use in high-temperature areas such as jacuzzis, outdoor spaces, and saunas.
  • This glue is also used on vertical surfaces due to its sag-resistant feature.
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Application Area

  • Material to be Fixed: Roff Extrofix Adhesive can be used on all kinds of ceramic tiles, natural stones, marbles, large format tiles, and low-thickness slabs in external areas.
  • On Surface/Substrate: It acts as a bonding agent and is applied on cement-based beds, gypsum, waterproofing products, drywall like cement /bison/ gypsum boards*and other surfaces to fix tiles.
  • Area of Application: The area of application of Roff Extrofix Adhesive is wet as well as dry surfaces in outdoor and indoor spaces. The product can be used in household and commercial projects on horizontal and vertical surfaces for gluing tiles.

Things to Consider

  • The surface on which the adhesive is to be applied must be evened out and should be free from any debonding agent. It ensures proper adhesive contact and strong gluing of the tiles.
  • It is important to dampen any dry surface prior to mixture application.
  • Any new concrete should be properly damped and left for at least a month before applying the adhesive. This minimizes shrinkage on the application surface.
  • The expansion joints should be grouted with a suitable product before the application of adhesive.
  • The tiles should be fixed within half an hour of adhesive application, depending on the surface porosity and atmospheric condition.
  • Roff Extrofix Adhesive comes in a 20 kg packet which is economically priced and works well for fixing tiles on external surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can tile adhesive be used externally?
Yes. Depending on the material to be fixed and the substrate, you can decide on the right tile adhesive for your application. To find the right product for your requirements, you can use our ‘Adhesive Selector’ tool. For instance, if you are looking to fix ceramic tiles, glass mosaic tiles, vitrified tiles, and even natural stones on the external façade of your property, you can try our product – Roff Extrofix Adhesive and Extrofix Ultra Adhesive.
How long does tile adhesive need to set?
Usually, it takes 24 hours for a tile adhesive to set.

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