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Roff Vertifix

Roff Vertifix is an epoxy-based strong spot bonding adhesive that is used as a quick fixing solution for all types of tiles and stones such as composite, metal tile, and plywood. It is also used for overhead applications on different surfaces such as wood derivatives and drywall. This multi-purpose adhesive is usually used for small contact surfaces for interior and approved exterior applications.

Packaging Units- 1.5 KG

Packaging Type- Resin & Hardner

Colours- Pale Yellow

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Features and Advantages

  • Roff Vertifix has only Two components; just mix and use.
  • The spot fixing adhesive has Quick setting formula with setting time of 15 -30 minutes.
  • Spot bonding gives economical solution with less material consumption.
  • Permanent bond with various substrates including metals, drywalls & plywood.
  • Sag-resistant formulation: hassle free vertical application.
  • Ideal for fixing all types of tiles & stones including composites, metal tiles.
  • Chemical resistant & Resistance to Solvents, Alkalis & Oils.
  • High productivity & faster installation speed of tile/ stone due to fast setting.
Roff Vertifix Application 1
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Application Area

  • Material to fix: Roff Vertifix is a fast fixing tile adhesive for all types of tiles, large format tiles, precast terrazzo, all types of stones, composites, plywood, metal tiles and glass tile.
  • Surface / Substrate: It is a strong bonding agent and can be used on existing tiles and stones, wood derivatives, and metal and cement-based surfaces with complete ease.
  • Application: Fit for use on dry and wet surfaces such as underwater repair work and on less contact areas. The adhesive is extensively used for ceiling, wall, and floor applications on domestic, commercial, and industrial scales.

Things to Consider

  • Don’t fix with spot bonding method on floor or any impact prone area (Do thin bed application on floor or impact prone area). For high vibrational/ deformable area, use Roff Master-Fix Adhesive.
  • Don’t use Roff Vertifix to bond transparent glass materials.
  • For light color stone & mosaic, do demo/ sampling for color staining & compatibility before application.

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Roff Vertifix

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix a broken tile without replacing it?
Roff Vertifix is the ideal product for fixing broken tiles without the need to replace them. For spot bonding application, it is recommended to apply an evenly distributed layer of mixed material dabs on the back of the tiles. Check out our product page to get more information about product applications.
Will tile adhesive stick to concrete?
Yes, Roff Vertifix is suitable for fixing tiles and stones on concrete surfaces. You can also use this tile adhesive for spot-bonding on Cement-based surfaces, metal surfaces, epoxy/PU-based substrates, etc.
What adhesive is used for tiles?
There are various types of tile adhesive available on the market that depends on a variety of factors. For instance, the area of application, purpose (spot bonding or tile application), and the surface of application are some of the important factors in tile adhesive selection. Roff offers a wide range of tile & stone adhesives to its customers. You can select tile adhesive as per your requirements. Get in touch with us or check out our category page for clarity on various tiles of tile adhesive.
Can adhesive be used to fix window frames, lift lobby area?
Yes, Roff Extrofix Ultra or Masterfix (epoxy and PU hybrid adhesive) can be used to fix window frames, lift lobby area depending on the type of tile or stone applies. You can select tile adhesive as per your requirements. Get in touch with us or check out our category page for clarity on their usage.

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