Roff Tile Bonder

Roff Tile Bonder

Roff Tile Bonder is a polymer additive that needs to be pre-mixed with cement/ cement & sand and then should be mixed with water for tile and natural stones fixing using a traditional cement slurry system over a freshly laid levelling bed/machan. The product is recommended for floor application to fix different types of tiles and stones.

Packaging Units- 300 g

Packaging Type- Powder

Colours- White

    Features and Advantages

    • Easy to use - To be pre-mixed with cement and then mix with water for fixing tiles.
    • Compatible with both grey & white cement.
    • Economical solution for tile fixing with less cement slurry consumption.
    • Good adjustability time with high water retention even at high temperatures.
    • Greatly increases pot life, open time & workability ensuring higher speed of tiling with very less wastage.
    • No hollow sound behind tile due to high spreading ability & coverage.
    • Improves adhesion & bond strength with self-curing property.
    • Low VOC - For healthy living.
    RTB Roff Tile Bonder Application

    Application Area

    • Material to fix: Roff Tile Bonder cement additive can fix all types of ceramic tiles, vitrified tile, terracotta, bricks, and natural stones.
    • Surface / Substrate: RTB is suitable for use on the wet cement mortar/machan bed to prepare a cement screed bed for tiling.
    • Application: Roff Tile Bonder can be applied on internal and external flooring areas. You can use it for domestic and commercial application purposes.

    Things to Consider

    • Roff Tile Bonder is a polymer additive and not a substitute for tile adhesive and is to be used only as a strength enhancer where traditional method is being used.
    • If waterproofing is required to be done, it should be done before applying the wet screed/ bed.
    • The product is unsuitable for use on artificial stones, composite, or metal tiles.
    • In the case of highly absorbent natural stones that form patches, a suitable Roff impregnating sealer should be used in addition to the adhesive.
    • Any adjustment of the tile should be done within 5-10 minutes of installation.

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    Flexible additive tile for indoor & outdoor

    Roff Tile Bonder

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which chemical is best for tile fixing?
    There are different products with different chemical compositions used for tile fixing. All of them serve different purposes. Roff offers a wide range of tile and stone adhesives that can be used on various surfaces and different areas (external or internal). Check out our Adhesive selector tool page to select the one that suits your project’s needs.
    Which is better cement or adhesive for tiles?
    Using tile adhesive during tile installation is a better choice as it has properties that ensure better adhesion and longer durability of the tiles. The application of cement leaves a hollow space between tiles as it shrinks after drying . Roff offers an extensive range of tile and stone adhesives for different surfaces and areas.
    What adhesive do you use for ceramic tile?
    Roff offers a wide range of tile adhesives that are suitable for use on ceramic tiles such as Roff Tile Bonder,Roff New construction Tile adhesive, and more. You can choose as per your requirement as all these products are applied in different areas (internal and external areas). You can refer to our product pages to know more about each tile and stone adhesive.

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