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Roff Vitrofix Adhesive

Roff Vitro Fix Adhesive is a low POC tile adhesive suitable for fixing various types of ceramic, vitrified tiles, glass mosaic tiles and glass tiles of different sizes, semi-vitreous tiles, and natural stones. It is also suitable for tile-on-tile application on internal floors as well as walls. It is important to note that Roff Vitro-Fix Adhesive can only be used on floors in external areas. It is a non-slip adhesive that can be used on wet as well as dry surfaces for domestic and commercial applications. The product is available in grey and white colours.

Packaging Units- 20 KG

Packaging Type- Powder

Colours- Grey / White

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Features and Advantages

  • Roff VitroFix Adhesive is a very easy-to-use adhesive that can be prepared by adding the right quantity of water. It is mixed with water to form a mixture that is used for fixing tiles, ceramics, and other similar items.
  • It forms a very strong bond with a variety of substrates and is used for fixing all kinds of tiles. It is highly polymer-modified which ensures better adhesion.
  • The adhesive is suitable for application on vertical surfaces as it has a sag-resistant formula.
  • Roff VitroFix Adhesive is also water resistant which makes it suitable for application in wet areas in commercial and domestic spaces.
  • Roff VitroFix Adhesive is resistant to heat ageing. So, it can be used in areas that are exposed to high heat such as saunas, jacuzzis, and others.
  • It is a low-VOC product that supports healthy living.
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Application Area

  • Matetial to be Fixed: Roff VitroFix Adhesive can be used on all kinds of ceramic tile, natural stones, glass tile, brick, composites**/ artificial/ nano/ engineered stone and low-thickness slabs for fixing purposes.
  • On Substrate/Surface: It is a strong bonding agent that can be used on cement-based surfaces, gypsum, concrete surfaces, old tiles, drywall surfaces* (like bison/ gypsum / cement board), existing tiles & stones, plywood & wood derivative* etc.
  • Area of Application: You can use Roff VitroFix Adhesive for tile-on-tile application on horizontal and vertical surfaces in internal areas. You can also use this adhesive for floor application on the external area.

Things to Consider

  • Roff VitroFix Adhesive is a cement-based tile adhesive for fixing natural stones, tiles, and ceramics. It is not an alternative for waterproofing the tile surface. It is recommended to use under-tile-waterproofing products for making the surface water-resistant. The use of Roff VitroFix Adhesive ensures that the tile is fixed properly on the surface.
  • Do not go overboard with water while preparing the mixture. Use the recommended quantity to get the desired results.
  • The mixture should be used within the pot life.
  • The dry surface should be dampened with water before starting the application of the material.
  • In the case of application on new concrete slabs, the surface should be damped and cured. As per the atmospheric condition and surface porosity, the tile/stone/ceramic should be fixed within 30 minutes of adhesive application.
  • The product should be stored away from direct sunlight, and under cover to keep it in good condition. The self-life of Roff VitroFix Adhesive is around 12 months if stored properly.
  • Roff VitroFix Adhesive is an economically priced product that is useful in fixing tiles and other similar materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best tile adhesive for internal floor and wall application?
For Fixing Vitrified tiles and natural stones in the interiors of the house, be it wall or floor, the recommended adhesive is Vitrofix. This product has high bonding strength, high open time or working time thus avoiding wastage due to drying. For light coloured tiles and natural stones like marble, it is recommended to use the white version

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