Roff New Construction Tile Adhesive

Roff New Construction Adhesive (NCA)

Roff New Construction Tile Adhesive (NCA) is a polymer-modified thin-set, cement-based tile adhesive. This cement-based tile adhesive is specially formulated to fix and install diverse types of tiles such as ceramic, vitrified, terracotta, brick, and quarry tiles. Ideal for both vertical and horizontal surfaces on the cementitious substrate for internal application. Roff New Construction Tile Adhesive T01 is one of the most economically priced adhesives in the market with superior quality results.

Packaging Units- 20 / 30 KG

Packaging Type- Powder

Colours- Grey

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Features and Advantages

  • Ready-to-use formula - Just apply water to the site and it is ready to use.
  • Suitable for Internal Areas - Roff New Construction Adhesive can be used on indoor flooring and walls with high porosity tiles like ceramic, clay tiles, terracotta, and quarry tiles of regular size.
  • Water Resistant - It can be used in wet areas.
  • Strong binding - This cement-based adhesive offers a strong bond to different cement-based substrates.
  • Self-drying - Roff New Construction Tile Adhesivehas self-curing technology that enables an easy application.
  • Low VOC - This cement-based adhesiveis low VOC which means it does not harm the environment or any living being.
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Application Area

  • Material to be Fixed: All types of ceramic tile, terracotta, brick, vitrified tiles, natural stones, and large format tiles. It is important to consult Roff technician in case of application on the wall.
  • On Surface: Roff New Construction Adhesive can be applied on Cement-based screeds, cement-based plasters, concrete surfaces, bricks, and other cement-based surfaces.
  • Application: Flooring and walls, for internal applications, dry & wet areas, domestic applications, and commercial applications. Consult Roff technical team for application in external area.

Things to Consider

  • You cannot apply Roff New Construction Adhesive to the fibre cement boards, plywood, decorative laminates, metal, plastic, etc.
  • Adhesive cannot be used as a waterproofing solution
  • You cannot fix metal tiles, engineered stone, or artificial stone tiles with Roff New Construction Adhesive.

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Roff New Construction Adhesive (NCA)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we mix cement with tile adhesive?
Roff New Construction Adhesive (NCA) is a polymer-modified cement-based product which means it already has the cement content and there is no need to mix additional cement in it. All you need to do is add water as per the recommendation.
What is the difference between adhesive and cement?
Tile adhesives are cement based added with polymers that help in the bonding of tiles with the substrate. It is self-curing, provides high bond strength, easy to apply and are premixed with required quantity of sand and cement.
Which adhesive is best for tiles?
It depends on the nature of the application. For ceramic and new floor tiles, you can try Roff New Construction Adhesive (NCA). Similarly, for internal vitrified tile and natural stone, you can check out Roff Vitro Adhesive and for external applications, you can check out Roff Extrofix Adhesive. Refer to the Tile adhesive selector tool for more details.
How long does tile adhesive take to dry?
Tile adhesives from Roff have self-curing properties which allow a smooth application with minimum labour. So, they cure faster and unlike cement, do not require water curing.
How to use tile adhesive?
Tile adhesives are easy to use. All you need to do is mix the powder in the required quantity, adjust the consistency, and you are good to go. For mixing instructions, please refer to the product label or TDS.

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