Tenax Anti-Efflorecence Product

Tenax Anti-Efflorescence

Tenax Anti-Efflorescence is a water-based solution that acts as a sealant for stones, marbles, and tiles. This pre-laying protector is used for absorbent and porous material protection from rising of ferrous salts and other contaminants. The product must be applied behind the tile or slab to avoid any contaminant to rise up on the surface that may lead to stain or streak formation. This anti-efflorescence for tile is a one-time application product before tile installation. It is suitable for use on a wide range of materials as a back sealer such as natural stone, marble, and granite.

Packaging Units- 1 L

Packaging Type- Liquid

Colours- White

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    Features and Advantages

    • Tenax Anti - Efflorescence is a water-based pre-laying protector for porous and absorbent material.
    • It is a ready-to-use treatment that guarantees anti-efflorescence.
    • Anti-Efflorescence is an alkaline product so it should not be applied on glossy surfaces.
    Tenax Anti-Efflorecence Application

    Application Area

    • Material on which it is used: Natural stone, marble, granite, and agglomerates.
    • Application: Tenax Anti-Efflorescence is formulated to use directly on the material without any dilution.
    • The correct way to apply the product is to spread the product evenly on the back of the tile, stone, or marble with the help of a paintbrush or airless pump.
    • After the application, let the solution sit for 24 hours to complete its action.
    • The shelf-life of the product is 2 years when kept in normal conditions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a good sealant for stone?
    Tenax Anti Efflorescence is a good back sealer for stones. It protects the porous and absorbent surface from ferrous salts and other contaminants.
    How long does the stone sealer last?
    The stone sealer lasts for at least 3-5 years. However, it also depends on the material
    How do you apply stone sealer?
    Tenax Anti-Efflorescence is a stone sealer that is ready to use. You should apply this product on the back and side of tiles with a paintbrush and airless pump.

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