Tenax Thassos - Tropical Product

Tenax Thassos - Tropical

Tenax Thassos- is a clear glue used for gluing and repairing the work of white marble joints and similar marble families such as Thassos and Carrara. This transparent adhesive has a high viscosity and excellent stability in sunlight. The application of this product on stones and marbles for joint filling and gluing is very easy to stir and spread. The hardened product is easily polishable.

Packaging Units- 1.5 KG

Packaging Type- Knife Grade

Colours- Transparent

  • Tenax Thassos - Tropical - TDS


    Features and Advantages

    • High thixotropic glue with high viscosity
    • Good stability to sun light
    • Very easy to stir and spread
    • Hardened mastic is polishable

    Application Area

    • Marble and similar materials such as Thassos and Carrara
    • Granite
    • Composite Stones

    Things to Consider

    • Make sure that the application area is dry, clean, and dust-free.
    • For the preparation of the final product, the required amount of glue should be mixed with the hardener 2%-3% in weight.
    • Colouring paste should be added prior to the addition of hardener in glue if colour correction is required.
    • The unused product should not be returned to the container.
    • The final characteristics of the glue are influenced by the excessive colour used in the glue.
    • The glue and catalyst should be stored away from sunlight to keep them in good condition.
    • The resin and hardener are chemical-grade products and proper safety precautions should be taken while using them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best glue to repair marble?
    Tenax Thassos is the best clear mastic for repairing and gluing marbles and stones of the white marble family. It comes in a 1.5 kg packaging unit. You can refer to our product pages to know more.
    How long does Tenax take to dry?
    It is recommended to let the surface dry for 24 hours after applying Tenax Thassos.
    What is Tenax glue?
    Tenax Thassos is a transparent tixotropic glue that is used for repairing and gluing vertical white marbles and similar stones. It’s a clear mastic for grouting and bonding between marble joints.
    How do you glue white marble?
    You can glue white marbles using Tenax Thassos. It has a high viscosity and good stability to sunlight. Besides this, once the mastic is hardened it’s polishable.

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