Tenax Proseal Product

Tenax Proseal

Tenax Proseal is a high-performance sealer used for granite, marblelimestone, sandstone and terracotta surface protection. This product is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications and maintains the natural look of the stones. Tenax Proseal sealer is generally recommended to be used on quartz-based materials and stones with varying percentages of silicates and carbonates. This stone sealer performs best on polished, honed, sandblast, and flamed surfaces.

How does Tenax Proseal Work?
Tenax Proseal enters the micro-porosities of granite and different types of stones and acts upon them. It seals the surface and gives protection against any type of stains. It allows the material to transpire and retain its natural look.
This oil-proof and water-proof sealer does not leave any colour on the surface. However, you may observe a slight increase in colour intensity temporarily that varies from surface to surface. However, it goes away once the material is completely dry. Besides this, the Tenax Proseal has excellent resistance to external conditions.

Packaging Units- 1 L

Packaging Type- Liquid

Colours- Colourless

    Features and Advantages

    • Tenax Proseal gives coverage of 20-30 sqm/L
    • This product can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces.
    • Can be used to avoid coffee, Ketchup and wine stains on light coloredstones
    • It is an oil-proof and water-proof sealer
    Tenax Proseal Application

    Application Area

    • Application: Marble, Granite, Composites, Limestone, Sandstone, Terracotta.
    • Surface to be Used: It can be used on polished, honed, sandblast, and flamed surfaces. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It works well on polished and honed surfaces.

    Things to Consider

    • The surface where the product has to be applied should be clean and dry. The presence of dust, water, or oil can lead to an uneven finish after the application of Tenax Proseal.
    • Tenax Proseal should be spread uniformly on the surface to get the desired results.
    • It is recommended to use a brush, sponge, or cloth while applying the product on stones, granite, or any other material. White cotton cloth for white colored stones.
    • You should use the right quantity of product that can be easily absorbed by the material to get the best results.
    • Using the excess product on the surface may result in a superficial film that gives a sticky appearance.
    • If you desire to get a clean look, apply the second layer of Proseal, 10-15 minutes after the application of the first layer.
    • Tenax Proseal has the property to give an anti-stain look. This look is visible after 24 hours of application of the product on the material.
    • Make sure to secure the area of the application in case of floor application so that no one steps on the surface till it’s completely dry.
    • You should always check the effect of Tenax Proseal on a small area before applying it on the entire surface.

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    Tenax Proseal


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Tenax Proseal used for?
    Tenax Proseal is a high-performance sealer that is used on composite stones, granite, and marbles to retain their natural look. It comes in a 1 L packaging unit and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
    How long does Tenax Proseal last?
    Tenax Proseal lasts a long time if applied correctly. It can last 4-5 years on the surface if it is maintained well.
    How do you apply Proseal to granite?
    It is recommended to apply Tenax Proseal on a granite using a brush, sponge, cloth or through a gun spray. Use the right amount that can be easily absorbed by the granite surface. Give a time gap of 15 minutes to reapply the treatment on the surface.
    Is there a permanent sealer for marble?
    Tenax Proseal is one of the best sealers in the market that works in the micro-porosity of material. You can use it to seal the surface and you do not have to retreat it for an exceedingly long time.

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